Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students (4Th Ed.)

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Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students (4th ed.)

Patricia M. Nugent, EdD, RN, and Barbara A. Vitale, MA, RN; Philadelphia: F. A. Davis, 2004; 395 pages, $28.95

Designed to provide nursing students with test-taking skills to improve their performance, this book includes a comprehensive collection of annotated sample questions. Even in the skill section, which covers test-specific guidance and techniques for reducing performance anxiety, sample questions abound. With answers and rationales located at the end of each chapter, I found myself flipping back and forth before moving on.

Two early chapters on student empowerment and time management would work well in an introductory course in nursing science or a general freshman seminar. I was pleased to see a section on "saying no" included in the time management chapter. Students can easily get bogged down in work and activities and lose the ability to stay focused. A chapter on study techniques clearly demonstrates the link between studying and the expected method of evaluation. Many students who leave high school prepared for memorization do not know how to study for different learning activities and do not understand the overriding goals for evaluation. When they use the techniques offered in this book, studying will be more efficient and more effective. …


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