Academic journal article Atlantic Economic Journal


Academic journal article Atlantic Economic Journal


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Corrections: There were errors on pages 204, 205 and 208 of the June 2005 (Volume 33, No. 2) issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal. The corrections appear below. The paper is entitled "Production Costs, Scale Economies and Technical Change in U.S. Textile and Apparel Industries" by Anusua Datta and Susan Christoffersen.

First correction--on page 204, equation 3 should read:

Linear homogeneity : [summation][[alpha].sub.i] = 1; [summation][[gamma].sub.ij] = [summation][[gamma]] = 0; [summation][[theta].sub.i] = 0 (3)

Second correction--On page 205, equation 5 should read:

[S.sub.i] = [differential]lnC/[differential]ln[P.sub.i] = [[alpha].sub.i] + 1/2[summation][[gamma].sub.ij]ln[P.sub.j] + [[gamma]]lnQ + [[theta].sub.qt]T i,j = K,L,E,M (5)

Third correction--On page 205, 2nd paragraph after equation 7, 3rd sentence should read:

The Allen-Uzawa partial elasticities of substitution between two factors i and j, [[sigma]. …

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