Academic journal article New Zealand Journal of Psychology


Academic journal article New Zealand Journal of Psychology


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This first issue of the New Zealand Journal of Psychology for 2006 has a very strong applied focus, with papers mainly in the areas of social and clinical psychology.

The first paper, by Chris Sibley and his colleagues at Victoria University, describes a model of attitude change based on social representations and media framing effects. Qualitative and quantitative data are presented to illustrate this model in relation to attitudes concerning affirmative action programs in New Zealand.

The second paper, by Lucy Johnston from the University of Canterbury, deals with a not-dissimilar topic, namely stereotypical judgments. This article presents experimental data indicating that people who are 'low users' of stereotypes differed systematically from 'high users' in their judgments of people from different target groups.

Edit Horvath-Hallett and Bernard Guerin, from the University of Waikato, conducted interviews with female caregivers to determine their concerns about health and safety in the work context. Their research identified key issues of concern to these caregivers, including client behaviours, time constraints, and having to deal with drugs. Implications for health and safety practices are outlined.

In the fourth paper, Jo Thakker (also from Waikato University) and Russil Durrant (from Griffith University in Australia) discuss news coverage of sexual offences. Content analysis of three major New Zealand newspapers identified major themes emerging in news stories about sexual offending.

Paul Oxnam and James Vess, from Victoria University, also focus on sexual offending. Their research compared personality attributes of different types of sexual offender to develop a typology of sexual offending types. …

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