Counterparty Weathervane: Recent Reports on Russian Exposures

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Supranational organizations


10/05--Russian Federation: Selected Issues. See section IV, starting on p 88

5/05--Reforming the Russian Budget System

12/04--A Common Currency in Belarus and Russia

9/04--Russian Federation: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes--Fiscal Transparency Module

8/04--The IMF and Russia in the 1990s

6/04--Financial Crisis, Economic Recovery and Banking Development in Russia, Ukraine, and Other FSU Countries

World Bank--

3/05--Russian Federation--From transition to development: a country economic memorandum for the Russian Federation, Vol. 1 of 1


5/05--Fifteen years of economic reform in Russia: what has been achieved? What remains to be done?

11/04--Banking Reform in Russia: Problems and Prospects

11/03--Private Pensions in the Russian Federation

7/04--Economic Survey--Russian Federation 2004: Executive Summary

2004--Russia's Deposit Insurance Law


10/05--Russian Banking Legislation: past, present and future development.

Ratings agencies

Fitch Ratings--

11/05--Russian Bank Capitalization--Toward Greater Flexibility?

9/05--Recovery Ratings: Developing an Effective Methodology for Banks

7/05--Bank Hybrid and Preferred Securities: Evaluation Their Role in

Capital Analysis

7/05--Recovery Ratings: Exposing the Components of Credit Risk

7/05--Support Ratings and Rating of Bank Hybrid Capital and Preferred Stock


2/06--Bank Credit Research Monthly Ratings List

10/05--Banking System Outlook RusRatings

12/05--Market Update: Banks by class in the Russian Banking sector (full report 4/05)

11/05--Market Update: The interbank loan market in Russia (full report 1/05, market update 4/05)

10/05--Banking Report: Russian Retail Banking

Standard & Poor's

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