Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2005: A Selected Bibliography

Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2005: A Selected Bibliography

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THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES IN the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2005 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. If an article was published in a year other than 2005, the appropriate year is marked with a bracketed notation. Entries under each heading are arranged alphabetically by author; spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are retained from the original.


WATSON, ALAN D. County Buildings and Other Public Structures in Colonial North Carolina. N.C. Hist. Rev., v. 82, Oct., 427-63.

WILLIAMS, KENNETH H., ed. "The Issues Raised by Vietnam Go to the Very Heart of Who We Think We Are": An Interview with the University of Kentucky's George C. Herring. Reg. Ky. Hist. Soc., v. 102, Summer, 287-355.


Brown v. Board of Education: Fifty Years of Educational Change in the United States, 1954-2004 [special issue]. Jour. Af. Am. Hist., v. 90, Winter-Spring, 1-166.

Memphis, the Peabody, and the SHA: A Fifty-Year Commemoration [forum with intro., an art., and 3 comments]. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 71, Nov., 831-64.

Racial Lynching, History, and the Filmmaker's Craft: A Roundtable Discussion of Stephen Labovsky's In the Dead Fire's Ashes--The Lynching a Town Forgot [forum with intro, and 4 arts.]. Penn. Hist., v. 72, Summer, 269-321.

Special Issue: Martin Luther King, Jr. [collection of brief arts., lessons, and documents for the classroom]. Mag. of Hist., v. 19, Jan., 4-50.

ANDERSON, R. BENTLEY. Black, White, and Catholic: Southern Jesuits Confront the Race Question, 1952. Catholic Hist. Rev., v. 91, no. 3, pp. 484-505.

ASCH, CHRIS MYERS. Revisiting Reconstruction: James O. Eastland, the FEPC, and the Struggle to Rebuild Germany, 1945-1946. Jour. Miss. Hist., v. 67, Spring, 1-28.

ATKINS, JONATHAN M. Party Politics and the Debate over the Tennessee Free Negro Bill, 1859-1860. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 71, May, 245-78.

BAILEY, FRED A. The Southern Historical Association and the Quest for Racial Justice, 1954-1963. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 71, Nov., 833-52.

BAKER, BRUCE E. Lynch Law Reversed: The Rape of Lula Sherman, the Lynching of Manse Waldrop, and the Debate over Lynching in the 1880s. Am. Nineteenth Cent. Hist., v. 6, Sept., 273-93.

BAKER, DAVID L. The Joyce Family Murders: Justice and Politics in Know-Nothing Louisville. Reg. Ky. Hist. Soc., v. 102, Summer, 357-82.

BECKERT, SVEN. From Tuskegee to Togo: The Problem of Freedom in the Empire of Cotton. Jour. Am. Hist., v. 92, Sept., 498-526.

BEDERMAN, GAIL. Revisiting Nashoba: Slavery, Utopia, and Frances Wright in America, 1818-1826. Am. Literary Hist., v. 17, Fall, 438-59.

BENTLEY, NANCY. The Strange Career of Love and Slavery: Chesnutt, Engels, Masoch. Am. Literary Hist., v. 17, Fall, 460-85.

BIVINS, JOY L. Emmett Till's Day in Court. Chicago Hist., v. 34, Fall, 32-51.

BONNER, ROBERT E. Slavery, Confederate Diplomacy, and the Racialist Mission of Henry Hotze. Civil War Hist., v. 51, Sept., 288-316.

BOYD, ROBERT L. Black and White Farm Operators in the South during the Great Depression. Sociol. Spectrum, v. 25, July-Aug., 403-16.

BOYLE, KEVIN. Labour, the Left and the Long Civil Rights Movement. Soc. Hist., v. 30, Aug., 366-72.

BRATTAIN, MICHELLE. Miscegenation and Competing Definitions of Race in Twentieth-Century Louisiana. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 71, Aug., 621-58.

BROWNING, JUDKIN. Removing the Mask of Nationality: Unionism, Racism, and Federal Military Occupation in North Carolina, 1862-1865. Jour. Sou. Hist., v. 71, Aug., 589-620.

BRUNDAGE, W. FITZHUGH. Conclusion: Reflections on Lynching Scholarship. Am. Nineteenth Cent. Hist., v. 6, Sept., 401-14.

BUDROS, ART. Social Shocks and Slave Social Mobility: Manumission in Brunswick County, Virginia, 1782-1862. …

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