Academic journal article Folklore

Books Received

Academic journal article Folklore

Books Received

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Abrahams, Roger D. Everyday Life: A Poetics of Vernacular Practices. Philadelphia, Pa.: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005. 296 pp. $47.50/31.00 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 0-8122-3841-9.

Altmann, Anna E. The Seven Swabians and other German Folktales. Englewood, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 2006. World Folklore Series. xxviii +284 pp. Illus. $35.00/19.99 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 1-56308-967-X.

Apter, Andrew. The Pan-African Nation: Oil and the Spectacle of Culture in Nigeria. Chicago, Ill.: University of Chicago Press, 2005. 296 pp. Illus. $60.00 (hbk) ISBN 0-226-02354-0; $24.00 (pbk) ISBN 0-226-02355-9.

Ashforth, Adam. Witchcraft, Violence and Democracy in South Africa. Chicago, Ill. and London: University of Chicago Press, 2005. 376 pp. 17.50 [pounds sterling] (pbk) ISBN 0-226-02974-3.

Ashliman, David L. Fairy Lore: A Handbook. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2005. Greenwood Folklore Handbooks. 240 pp. Illus. $55.00 (hbk) ISBN 0-313-33349-1.

Bailey, Garrick, and Daniel C. Swan, with E. Sean Standing Bear and John W. Nunley. Art of the Osage. Seattle, Wash.: University of Washington Press, with the Saint Louis Art Museum, 2004. 208 pp. Illus. $40.00 (hbk) ISBN 0-295-98387-6.

Balina, Marina, Helena Goscilo, and Mark Lipovetsky. Politicizing Magic: An Anthology of Russian and Soviet Fairy Tales. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2005. 328 pp. $24.95 (pbk) ISBN 0-8101-2032-1.

Barber, Elizabeth Wayland, and Paul T. Barber. When they Severed Earth from Sky: How the Human Mind Shapes Myth. Princeton, N.J. and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2004. xvii +290 pp. Illus. 18.95 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 0-691-09986-3.

Bar Itzhak, Haya. Israeli Folk Narratives: Settlement, Immigration, Ethnicity. Detroit, Mich.: Wayne State University Press, 2005. Raphael Patai Series in Jewish Folklore and Anthropology. 208 pp. Illus. $29.95 (pbk) ISBN 0-8143-3047-9.

Bennett, Gillian. Bodies: Sex, Violence, Disease, and Death in Contemporary Legend. Jackson, Miss.: University Press of Mississippi, 2005. 272 pp. $45.00 (hbk) ISBN 1-57806-789-8.

Berger, Helen A., ed. Witchcraft and Magic in Contemporary North America. Philadelphia, Pa.: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005. 224 pp. $39.95/26.00 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 0-8122-3877-X.

Bernstein, Bruce, Gerald McMaster, Donald Kuspit, and Margaret Dubia. First American Art: The Diker Collection of Native American Art. Seattle, Wash., and Washington D.C.: University of Washington Press, with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, 2004. 272 pp. Illus. $60.00 (hbk) ISBN 0-295-98403-1.

Biardeau, Madeleine. Stories about Posts: Vedic Variations around the Hindu Goddess. Translated by James Walker, Alf Hiltebeitel, and Marie-Louise Reiniche. Chicago, Ill.: University of Chicago Press, 2004. 358 pp. $45.00 (hbk) ISBN 0-226-04595-1.

Bismarcks, The. Joanna: Traditional Dance Music from England. London: English Folk Dance and Song Society, 2005. Compact Disc, 13.50 [pounds sterling].

Blain, Jenny, Douglas Ezzy, and Graham Harvey, eds. Researching Paganism. Walnut Creek, Calif.: AltaMira Press, 2004. viii + 273 pp. $29.95 (pbk) ISBN 0-7591-0523-5.

Bondeson, Jan. The Pig-faced Lady of Manchester Square and Other Medical Marvels. Stroud, Gloucs.: Tempus Publishing, 2004. 288 pp. Illus. 20.00 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 075242968X.

Bord, Janet, and Colin Bord. The Enchanted Land. Rev. ed. Loughborough, Leics.: Heart of Albion Press, 2006. 187 + vi pp. Illus 14.95 [pounds sterling] (pbk) ISBN 1-872993-91-5.

Bouquet, Mary, and Nuno Porto, eds. Science, Magic and Religion. The Ritual Processes of Museum Magic. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2005. xii +240 pp. $60.00/36.50 [pounds sterling] (hbk) ISBN 1-57181-520-1.

Brednich, Rolf W. Www.worldwidewitz. …

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