Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Don't Be a Taker Only

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Don't Be a Taker Only

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CAN YOU GUESS THE SOURCE of the following quotation?

"It may be true that experience is the best teacher. But a man is a damned fool who cannot learn by anybody's experience but his own."

Theodore Roosevelt? Henry Ford? It came from William Henry Boardman, one of the founders of Simmons-Boardman Publishing Co., long-time publishers of this magazine for the American Bankers Association.

It's a good quote, for it surfaces a subject of interest to you, the reader, and to us, the "content provider."

One of the themes of our cover story this month (p. 28) is that bankers, increasingly and by necessity, are looking for directors who have experience and expertise to offer beyond their basic corporate governance duties. That expertise could be in marketing, accounting, or simply running a business. Having experienced people available to tap for advice is a great asset.

For a board to function that way, the CEO has to encourage an open dialog; a sharing of ideas.

Much the same thing applies on a larger scale at a trade association. The very essence of such groups is cooperation on mutually beneficial projects. It seems obvious, but worth stating nevertheless, that when many share ideas and pitch in toward common goals, all benefit.

Which brings us to trade publications. Magazines like this one--or trade-based websites, newsletters, etc.--exist to promote the sharing of professional knowledge and experience within their respective fields.

A moment ago we used the term "content provider." That's what we are, and you, our readers, are content receivers. But, in actuality, you're also providers.

If you find the content useful, then you should pause to ask yourself, "Am I willing to share my views, ideas, and experiences when one of the ABA Banking Journal editors calls or e-mails me? …

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