Academic journal article Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Books Received

Academic journal article Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Books Received

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ABUSHARAF, ROGAIA MUSTAFA (ed.). Female circumcision: multicultural perspectives. vi, 287 pp., bibliogr. Philadelphia: Univ. Pennsylvania Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]26.00 (cloth)

ACHINO-LOEB, MARIA-LUISA (ed.). Silence: the currency of power. viii, 183 pp., figs, bibliogrs. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2006. [pounds sterling]22.50 (paper)

ADLER, ALFRED. Roi sorcier, mere sorciere: parente, politique et sorcellerie en Afrique noire. 249 pp., bibliogr. Paris: Editions du Felin, 2006. [euro]18.90 (paper)

ASSMANN, JAN (trans. Rodney Livingstone). Religion and cultural memory. x, 222 pp., bibliogr. Stanford: Univ. Press, 2006. $60.00 (cloth), $21.95 (paper)

BAER, ADELA. Genes, people, and Borneo history: a review. (Occasional Paper 2). 42 pp., tables. Phillips, Me.: Borneo Research Council, 2005. $10.00 (paper)

BALLARD, CHRIS, PAULA BROWN, R. MICHAEL BOURKE & TRACY HARWOOD (eds). The sweet potato in Oceania: a reappraisal. viii, 227 pp., maps, tables, figs, illus., bibliogr. Sydney: Univ. Sydney, Univ. Pittsburgh, 2005. $43.65 (paper)

BARNETT, ROBERT. Lhasa: streets with memories. xli, 219 pp., maps, illus., bibliogr. New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]16.00 (cloth)

BASEGMEZ, VIRVA. Irish scene and sound: identity, authenticity and transnationality among young musicians. xii, 347 pp., bibliogr. Stockholm: Univ., 2005. SEK 303 (paper)

BAYART, JEAN-FRANCOIS. The illusion of cultural identity. xiii, 303 pp., bibliogr. London: C Hurst & Co., 2005. [pounds sterling]35.00 (cloth), [pounds sterling]16.95 (paper)

BERNARD, H. RUSSELL. Research methods in anthropology: qualitative and quantitative approaches (4th edition). xvi, 803 pp., figs, tables, bibliogr. Oxford, New York: AltaMira Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]36.00 (paper)

BERRY, MARY ELIZABETH. Japan in print: information and nation in the early modern period. xvii, 325 pp., maps, illus., bibliogr. London, Berkeley: Univ. California Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]29.95 (cloth)

BONHOMME, JULIEN. Le miroir et le crane: parcours initiatique du Bwete Misoko (Gabon). 246 pp., maps, plates, figs, illus., bibliogr. Paris: CNRS Editions, 2005. [euro]30.00 (paper)

BOWKER, GEOFFREY C. Memory practices in the sciences. xi, 261 pp., tables, illus., bibliogr. London, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2005. [pounds sterling]22.95 (cloth)

BROWN, ALISON K., LAURA PEERS & KAINAI NATION. Pictures bring us messages: photographs and histories from the Kainai nation. xvii, 280 pp., map, table, plates, illus., bibliogr. London, Toronto: Univ. Toronto Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]48.00 (cloth), [pounds sterling]20.00 (paper)

BROWN, STEVEN & ULRIK VOLGSTEN (eds). Music and manipulation: on the social uses and social control of music. xix, 376 pp., tables, figs, bibliogrs. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2006. [pounds sterling]80.00 (cloth)

BUCHANAN, DONNA A. Performing democracy: Bulgarian music and musicians in transition. xxiv, 519 pp., CD, bibliogr. London, Chicago: Univ. Chicago Press, 2006. [pounds sterling]47.50 (cloth), [pounds sterling]19.00 (paper)

BUONFINO, ALESSANDRA & GEOFF MULGAN (eds). Porcupines in winter: the pleasure and pains of living together in modern Britain. vi, 192 pp., illus., bibliogrs. London: The Young Foundation, 2006. [pounds sterling]12.99 (paper)

CHABAL, PATRICK & JEAN-PASCAL DALOZ. Culture troubles: politics and the interpretation of meaning. viii, 395 pp., bibliogr. London: C. Hurst & Co., 2006. [pounds sterling]45.00 (cloth), [pounds sterling]14.95 (paper)

CLIGGETT, LISA. Grains from grass: aging, gender, and famine in rural Africa. xvii, 193 pp., maps, tables, illus., bibliogr. London, Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press, 2005. [pounds sterling]28.95 (cloth), [pounds sterling]10.50 (paper)

COHEN, DALIA & RUTH KATZ. Palestinian Arab music: a Maqam tradition in practice. …

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