Academic journal article Studies in Romanticism

Books Received

Academic journal article Studies in Romanticism

Books Received

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Armstrong, Nancy. How Novels Think: The Limits of British Individualism from 1719-1900. New York: Columbia UP, 2006. $64.50 cloth/$24.50 paper.

Bar-Yosef, Eitan. The Holy Land in English Culture: 1799-1917. New York: Oxford UP, 2005.

Beevers, Robert. The Byronic Image: The Poet Portrayed. Abingdon SO: Olivia Press LLP, 2005. 15.00 [pounds sterling].

Bell, Matthew. The German Tradition of Psychology in Literature and Thought, 1700-1840. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2005. $80.00.

Benjamin, Walter. Berlin Childhood around 1900. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2006.

Benjamin, Walter. On Hashish. Ed. Howard Eiland. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2006.

Benjamin, Walter. Selected Writings, Volume 3, 1935-1938. Eds. Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2006.

Bieri, James. Percy Bysshe Shelley. A Biography: Youth's Unextinguished Fire, 1792-1816. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2004. $69.50.

Bieri, James. Percy Bysshe Shelley. A Biography: Exile of Unfulfilled Reknown, 1816-1822. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2005. $69.50.

Binfield, Kevin, ed. Writings of the Luddites. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2004. $49-95.

Bone, Drummond, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Byron. New York: Cambridge UP, 2004. $65.00 cloth/$22.99 paper.

Boswell, James. Boswell's London Journal, 1762-1763. Ed. Frederick A. Pottle. New Haven: Yale UP, 2004. $18.00.

Brown, Marshall. The Gothic Text. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2005. $45.00.

Burns, Virginia M. Pushkin's "Poltava": A Literary Structuralist Interpretation. Ed. Katya Burns. Landham: Rowan & Littlefield, 2005. $37.00.

Cairns, David. Mozart and His Operas. Berkeley: U of California P, 2006. $29.95 cloth.

Campbell Denlinger, Elizabeth. Forward by Lyndall Gordon. Before Victoria: Extraordinary Women OF the British Romantic Era. New York: Columbia UP, 2005. $39.50.

Chandler, James and Kevin Gilmartin, eds. Romantic Metropolis: The Urban Scene of British Culture, 1780-1840. New York: Cambridge UP, 2005. $85.00.

Chatterjee, Visvanath. Four Romantic Poets: Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats. Kolkata: Presto Publishers, 2005.

Clark, Steve, and Masashi Suzuki, eds. The Reception of Blake in the Orient. Harrisburg: Continuum, 2006. $150.00 (cloth).

Clubbe, John. Byron, Sully, and the Power off Portraiture. Ashgate, 2005.

Colbert, Benjamin. Shelley's Eye: Travel Writing and Aesthetic Vision. Ashgate, 2005. $89.95.

Coleman, Deirdre. Romantic Colonization and British Anti-Slavery. New York: Cambridge UP, 2005. $75.00.

Davis, Clark. Hawthorne's Shyness: Ethics, Politics, and the Question of Engagement. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2005. $48.00.

Dekker, George. The Fiction of Romantic Tourism: Radcliffe, Scott, and Mary Shelley. Palo Alto: Stanford UP, 2004. $55.00.

Dully, Cian. Shelley and the Revolutionary Sublime. New York: Cambridge UP, 2005. $80.00.

Dye, Ellis. Love and Death in Goethe: "One and Double." Rochester: Camden House, 2004.

Eiji, Hayashi, ed. Voyages of Conception: Essays in English Romanticism. Hino-shi: Japan Association of English Romanticism, 2005.

Elam, Helen Regueiro and Frances Ferguson, eds. The Wordsworthian Enlightenment: Romantic Poetry & the Ecology OF Reading. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2005. $55.00.

Esterhammer, Angela, ed. Northrop Frye on Milton and Blake. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2005. $85.00.

Felluga, Dino Franco. The Perversity of Poetry: Romantic Ideology and the Popular Male Poet of Genius. Albany: SUNY, 2004. $65.00.

Fischer, Devin. Converse in the Spirit: William Blake, Jacob Boehme, and the Creative Spirit. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2004. $48.50.

Folsom, Marcia McClintock, ed. Approaches to Teaching Austen's Emma. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2004. $37. …

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