Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2005-2006 *

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2005-2006 *

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University of Alberta

(39) (36) (15)

VLADAN DJORDJEVIC, "Counterfactuals." Adviser: Bernard Linsky.

ANNA KESSLER, "Rational Hope in Kant's Moral Religion." Adviser: Robert Burch.

LI LI, "The Problem of Exportation for Dynamically Holistic Systems." Advisers: Alexander Rueger and W. David Sharp.

PATRICK McGIVERN, "Physicalism, Compositionality, and Parenthood: A Perspective from the Physical Sciences." Adviser: Alexander Rueger.

Binghamton University

(28) (28) (11)

DESIRE MELTON, "Existential Disappointment: A Sociopolitical Theory of Black Visibility." Adviser: Lisa Tessman.

Boston College

(128) (97) (25)

ERIC BROWN, "Reason's Contextualism." Advisers: David Rasmussen and Richard Cobb-Stevens.

LAWRENCE DAKA, "Towards a Human Empowerment Approach to Justice: An Appropriation of Amartya Sen's Capability Approach with Particular Reference to the Zimbabwe Land Reform." Advisers: David Hollenbach and David Rasmussen.

COREY W. DYCK, "Kant and the Leibnizian Conception of Mind." Advisers: Susan Shell and Richard Cobb-Stevens.

NEAL W. LEAVITT, "Reflections on the Environment and the First Person Point of View." Advisers: Richard Cobb-Stevens and David Rasmussen.

JOHN K. O'CONNOR, "Husserl's Idealisms and the Avoidance of Metabasis eis allo Genos." Advisers: Richard Cobb-Stevens and John Drummond.

CHARLES ONYANGO ODUKE, "Lonergan's Notion of Cosmopolis: A Study of a Higher Viewpoint and a Creative Framework for Engaging Individual and Social 'Biases' with Special Reference to Socio-Political Challenges of Kenya and the Continent of Africa." Advisers: Patrick H. Byrne and Frederick Lawrence.

SERENA PAREKH, "The Phenomenological Analysis of Human Rights in the Work of Hannah Arendt." Advisers: James Bernaurer and Jacques Taminaux.

PHILLIP STAMBOVSKY, "Influence and Reason: An Onto-Epistemological Essay." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette and Ronald K. Tacelli.

JOSEPH L. TADIE, "Between Humilities: A Retrieval of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Virtue of Humility." Advisers: Thomas Hibbs and Joseph Flanagan.

Bowling Green State University

(36) (31) (13)

RUSSELL DISILVESTRO, "Capacities and Moral Status." Adviser: Raymond G. Frey.

BENJAMIN DIXON, "Toward a Leopoldian Theory of Moral Progress." Adviser: Donald Scherer.

JASON GATLIFF, "Terrorism and Just War Tradition: Issues of Compatibility." Adviser: Donald Scherer.

JASON GRINNELL, "Biology, Policy, and the Racial Contract." Adviser: Michael Bradie.

PAMELA PHILLIPS, "Beyond Subjective Well-Being." Adviser: Fred Miller.

AARON SIMMONS, The Basic Moral Rights of Non-Human Animals." Adviser: Raymond G. Frey.

University of British Columbia

(34) (34) (15)

MARTIN GODWYN, "A Defence of Extended Cognitivism." Adviser: Mohan Matthen.

DUSTIN STOKES, "Minimal Creativity: A Cognitive Model." Adviser: Dominic Lopes.

Brown University

(32) (27) (14)

DEREK ETTINGER, "Making Sense of Things." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

SIMON FELDMAN, "Reasons and the Limits of Morality." Adviser: James Dreier.

LILIAN O'BRIEN, "A Non-Causalist Theory of Rationalization." Adviser: Jaegwon Kim.

JOHN TURRI, "Epistemic Reasons." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

University at Buffalo

(43) (41) (17)

GEORGE BACKEN, "A Defense of Moral Sentiment Retributivism." Adviser: Randall Dipert. (Awarded in 2005)

SUCK CHOI, "Mind and Virtue in Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianism." Adviser: Jiyuan Yu. (Awarded in 2005)

JEFFREY DUECK, "Ways of Life: Their Nature and Justification." Adviser: Peter H. Hare. (Awarded in 2005)

FABIO ESCOBAR, "Phenomenology of Personality." Adviser: Kah Kyung Cho.

SCOTT HARRIGAN, "The Exception Proves the Rule: The Problem of Moral Exceptions in Kantian Morality. …

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