Helpful Hints for Teachers Who Wish to Help Their Students to Excel

Article excerpt

The present brief paper seeks to delineate some "helpful hints" that teachers can use in order to help their students to excel. Each of these notions, offered here, are very much in keeping with the ideas offered in the Quality School, which was authored by William Glasser (1990). Furthermore, one's score on this scale (i.e., the number of "YESES" checked) should give any teacher/every teacher needed insight regarding what they are doing with their students, and/or what they should be doing too. Such insights may be found to be very helpful for teachers who are finding it difficult determining what they need to do in order to help their students to excel.


Exactly what should teachers do if they wish to interact more effectively with their students? The following checklist should provide teachers with a list of things that they can do to more effectively interact with their students, and then provide these teachers with an opportunity to check off whether or not they are doing these types of things with each/every one of their students.


--    --   1. Do you share powerful ideas that should empower your

--    --   2. Do you have, and are you willing to share with students,
           the knowledge that is most worth having?

--    --   3. Do you strive to build students up, and not tear them

--    --   4. Do you try to revere your students so that they might
           more likely revere themselves and others?

--    --   5. Are you willing to "invest" your time and effort in your
           students, because you know that they need someone that they
           can "bank" on? … 


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