Academic journal article Library Technology Reports

FRBR: Relation to Other Models and Topics

Academic journal article Library Technology Reports

FRBR: Relation to Other Models and Topics

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Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let's love turbulence and use it for change. (1)


"ABC: A Logical Model for Metadata Interoperability" _draft.html

This URL provides access to "a strawman document to initiate discussion of a common conceptual model to facilitate interoperability among application metadata vocabularies." ABC is conceptually based on the Warwick Framework and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). It attempts, according to this draft, to address the interoperability of multiple metadata packages by formally defining common relationships and entities between various metadata modules, to describe them in a simple logical model, and to provide a framework for extension of the semantics to application- and domain-specific metadata vocabularies. The rest of the document is a description of the architecture, data modeling, mapping rules, vocabulary, and open issues. The individuals listed as the "parties responsible" for this document are Dan Brickley, Jane Hunter, and Carl Lagoze.

"Towards a Core Ontology for Information Integration"

This 2003 article by Martin Doerr, Jane Hunter, and Carl Lagoze appeared in the Journal of Digital Information; it examines two major architectures for information integration: the CIDOC/CRM, an ontology in the cultural heritage and museum communities; and the ABC ontology, a model designed for the exchange and integration of digital library information. (2) The authors look at harmonizing the two ontologies.

"ABC Harmony Data Model Version 2"

This online document is dated June 18, 2001, and at that point, the ABC ontology became part of the JISC/ NSF/DSTC sponsored Harmony project (www.ilrt.bris, which examined complex multimedia resources in digital libraries, their metadata, and their vocabularies. ABC classes and properties are specifically defined and detailed here, along with class hierarchy diagrams, and specific modeling examples.

"The Application of an Event-Aware Metadata Model to an Online Oral History Project" tory/paper.html er.html

These URLs provide access to a case study (by Jane Hunter and Darren James) of the ABC/Harmony ontology model, as applied to a complex multimedia oral history archive. A database with a searchable and browsable Web interface, as well as indexing tools, were developed as a test bed of the ABC Harmony model.

"MetaNet: Metadata Term Thesaurus to Enable Semantic Interoperability between Metadata Domains"

This Journal of Digital Information article (2001) by Jane Hunter describes the development of an XSLT/RDF schema to produce MetaNet, a metadata term thesaurus that enables dynamic and flexible mapping among metadata standards and is based on the ABC Harmony model. (3)

"The ABC Ontology and Model" lagoze-final.pdf

Another article by Lagoze and Hunter appearing in the peer-reviewed Journal of Digital Information (2002), this work presents more information on the integration of CIMI and RDF in the ABC ontology and model. (4)

"An Event-Aware Model for Metadata Interoperability" (paper) _cornell/lagoze_cornell.pdf (presentation)

The abstract of this paper by Carl Lagoze, Jane Hunter, and Dan Brickley on the ABC model states: "We describe the ABC modeling work of the Harmony Project. …

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