Editors' Note

Article excerpt

Welcome to issue 82 of Current Musicology. After three themed issues in a row, we are surprised and pleased to find common threads linking the diverse group of articles in this volume. Augustus Arnone's contribution, "The Aesthetics of Textural Ambiguity: Brahms and the Changing Piano," identifies Brahms's treatment of texture in his music for solo keyboard as a site of compositional ambiguity. Arnone detects a strain of technological determinism in performance practice writing that relates texture to nineteenth-century developments in piano construction. Naomi Waltham-Smith considers technology as it affects phenomenologies of listening in her article, "Disruptive Spatiality and the Experience of Recordings of Bach's Solo Cello Suites" Waltham-Smith offers a close reading of several recordings of Bach's cello suites, arguing that listeners' experiences of art music are fundamentally situated in the context of digital reproduction and manipulation.

In "Corpo-Realities: Keepin' It Real in 'Music and Embodiment' Scholarship" Tracy McMullen engages with the phenomenology of music and the politics of performance, gender, and embodiment. …


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