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It seems like only yesterday when I agreed to serve as editor-in-chief for this journal, but here I am, four years later writing my last editorial. I have been involved with Health & Social Work since 1998, serving on the editorial board, then as Practice Forum column editor. It seems a bit strange to imagine that my involvement with this journal ends at the completion of this editorial. In review, there is much satisfaction with what has been accomplished over the years. I have been privileged to work with an excellent editorial staff, gifted column editors, and competent editorial boards. I am grateful to our scholarly consulting editors who diligently reviewed many manuscripts and to all the talented authors who wrote and sent the manuscripts to be reviewed. I am indebted to all of you for your many contributions to the operations of this journal.

We have accomplished so much together! The journal is stronger in research content and in relevance to the issues that affect social work practice in health care. We have published research on cutting-edge issues in health, mental health, and substance abuse. We've sponsored a call for papers and published special issues on substance abuse, end-of-life-care, and aging. Themed issues were developed on such topics as HIV/AIDS, women's health, and disabilities. Our readership expressed satisfaction with these types of issues because so much useful information on a particular topic was contained in one booklet. They were able to learn a lot about a subject from reading just one issue.

With the support of the editorial staff, efficiencies in operations were tackled. The backlog was eliminated through adding extra pages to each journal issue and reducing the page length for manuscripts. We are now publishing full length articles about one year after they've been accepted for publication. Extra consulting editors were added to shorten the review time, and discussion sessions for consulting editors were conveniently held at CSWE's Annual Program Meeting. We are looking at bringing the whole review process online, but that is a matter for the new editor-in-chief to oversee.

Dr. Stephen Gorin will step into the editor-in-chief position with the next issue of Health & Social Work. Dr. Gorin has worked with me over the past four years as column editor of the National Health Line column. He also served in this capacity under the former editor-in-chief. Dr. Gorin is passionate about this journal, and his enthusiasm and creativity will serve the journal well over the coming four years. His rich history with this publication will be an asset as we continue to make improvements and respond to our readership.

Health & Social Work continues to be a strong presence in our professional scholarship. We have just celebrated our 30-year anniversary, and the journal continues to make impressive contributions to the field. …


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