X Connectivity Software Delivers Information to University Students' PCs

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Founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia at Charlottesville serves an academic community of approximately 18,000 students and 2,000 professors.

The university's Academic Computing Center has developed a complex network environment designed to deliver information to PC desktops across camputs. At the heart of this environment is the X Windows System, one of the most advanced network computing technologies.

* Sharing Information

X Windows is an "open" network software system that allows different types of computing platforms to share information and applications. The progeny of two university projects, X Windows utilizes a windowing environment and facilitates the distribution of graphical applications and graphical user interfaces across networks.

X Windows has become a de facto standard for network computing and is the accepted system for mainframes, minicomputers, supercomputers and UNIX workstations.

Also, X Windows is playing an important role in Internet growth, primarily by providing cost-effective and high-performance LAN-based Internet access via UNIX hosts. LAN-based PCs, X terminals and workstations gain Internet access via TCP/IP and the X Windows system. X display server software enables desktop users to connect to Xmosaic interface/browsing software and other Internet clients running on UNIX hosts.

* Integrating PCs

Says Tim Sigmon, the director of advanced technology at the University of Virginia, "We needed to fully integrate our large installed base of personal computers with the extensive UNIX and X Windows-based computing environment. After a comprehensive evaluation of PC X software, we chose Hummingbird's eXceed/W. As the leading product, it provided the richest feature set and the best performance of any package we tested."

Hummingbird Communications Ltd., located in Markham, Ontario, Canada, develops eXceed, PC X connectivity software. Their product was chosen by the University of Virginia to facilitate campuswide integration of personal computers and the X Windows, UNIX-based computer systems. The Windows-based display server is used by students and staff to access X Windows applications on UNIX hosts. …


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