Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2006: A Selected Bibliography

Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2006: A Selected Bibliography

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THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES IN the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2006 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. If an article was published in a year other than 2006, the appropriate year is marked with a bracketed notation. Entries under each heading are arranged alphabetically by author; spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are retained from the original.


8/29: Voices of the Storm [special issue on Hurricane Katrina, includes arts., memoirs, poems, graphic novella, photographs, rev. essay, book revs.]. Sou. Quar., v. 43, Spring, 1-159.

ARP, DON, JR. The Face behind the Knife: A Study of the James Bowie Portrait Purchased by the Texas Historical Commission and the State Preservation Board. Southwestern Hist. Quar., v. 109, Jan., 302-17.

BROCK, RALPH H. "Perhaps the Most Incorrect of Any Land Line in the United States": Establishing the Texas-New Mexico Boundary Along the 103rd Meridian. Southwestern Hist. Quar., v. 109, Apr., 430-62.

DUNN, JOE P. A "Damn Yankee" in Rebel Territory: James Hutchison Kerr's Reflections on his Southeast Missouri Years. Mo. Hist. Rev., v. 101, Oct., 1-16.

HOBSON, FRED, ed. The Life and Work of Lewis P. Simpson [symposium]. Sou. Rev., v. 42, Spring, 227-312.

HOUGHLAND, MARGARET W., ed. A Short Biography of George W. Lawrence [from Nat E. Hyder Collection, Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University]. Tenn. Ancestors, v. 22, Aug., 116-20.

LAWRIMORE, ERIN R. "Let us hasten to redeem the time that is lost": J. G. M. Ramsey's Role in the Collection and Promotion of Tennessee History. Libraries and Cult., v. 41, Fall, 419-37.

MCKEE, KATHRYN, and ANNETTE TREFZER. Global Contexts, Local Literatures: The New Southern Studies [preface to special issue of same title]. Am. Lit., v. 78, Dec., 677-90.

MURPHY, NATHAN W. Origins of Colonial Chesapeake Indentured Servants: American and English Sources. Nat. Genealogical Soc. Quar., v. 93, Mar. [2005], 5-24.

OWSLEY, DOUGLAS W., BROOKS B. ELLWOOD, and TERRY MELTON. Search for the Grave of William Preston Longley, Hanged Texas Gunfighter. Hist. Archaeology, v. 40, no. 3, pp. 50-53.

WALKER, EMMITTE R., and JUDITH F. RUSSELL. The Day Book of Benjamin Walker, 1846. East Texas Hist. Jour., v. 44, no. 2, pp. 52-59.

WILLIAMS, DANIEL. Scenes from a Small Town: Early Times in Chireno, Texas. East Texas Hist. Jour., v. 44, Spring, 56-62.

WILLIAMS, KENNETH H., and JAMES RUSSELL HARRIS, comps. Kentucky in 1860: A Statistical Overview. Reg. Ky. Hist. Soc., v. 103, Autumn [2005], 742-64.


Between Two Worlds: Free People of Color in Southern Cultural History [special issue with an intro, and 10 arts.]. Sou. Quar., v. 43, Winter, 5-185.

The Little Rock Crisis and the Courts: A Forum [includes 4 arts.]. Ark. Hist. Quar., v. 65, Spring, 1-44.

A Roundtable Discussion of Matthew Countryman's Up South ]contributions by Lisa Levenstein, Robert O. Self, and Joe W. Trotter and a response by Matthew J. Countryman]. Pa. Mag. Hist. and Biog., v. 130, Oct., 387-413.

ABDUR-RAHMAN, ALIYYAH I. "The Strangest Freaks of Despotism": Queer Sexuality in Antebellum African American Slave Narratives. African Am. Rev., v. 40, Summer, 223-37.

ADAMS, LUTHER. "Heading for Louisville": Rethinking Rural to Urban Migration in the South, 1930-1950. Jour. Soc. Hist., v. 40, Winter, 407-30.

ADELMAN, ROBERT M., HUI-SHIEN TSAO, and STEWART E. TOLNAY. Occupational Disparity in a Migrant Metropolis: A Case Study of Atlanta. Sociol. Spectrum, v. 26, May-June, 269-87.

AIELLO, THOMAS. The Fading of the Greys: Black Baseball and Historical Memory in Little Rock. Ark. Hist. Quar., v. 65, Winter, 360-84.


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