I Can't Live without My ... Teens' Top Ten High-Tech Gadgets and Web Sites

Article excerpt

Phonograph, radio, telephone, television, computer, MP3 player. People of every generation of the past century can probably remember the one piece of technology that changed their lives. My mother remembers quite fondly the event that changed her teenage years: watching American Bandstand. As a teenager in the 1980s, I could not have lived without my portable cassette player and INXS's "Need You Tonight" video on MTV. Not long ago, the CD player was the most popular gadget. But now, mobile phones with video, text messaging, Web, and MP3 capabilities are the thing to have.

Members of the Worthington (Ohio) Libraries' teen advisory board, TWI (Teens with Ideas), were asked, "What is the one piece of technology that you can't live without?" After some of the more stubborn teens initially asked, "Do you mean things like lights? Or are you talking about high-tech items like computers?" we came up with a list of ten must-have items for teens today.

Top Ten Gadgets

1. Computer--"My number one choice is the computer (now my own laptop). I use it to read webcomics, talk on discussion forums, do research, amuse myself, play games, e-mail people, and video-conference with my girlfriend in Quebec.

My computer is my connection to the world outside my house. Oh yeah, and it also has all my music on it!"--Adam L., college freshman

2. Cell phone--"Cell phone! It is my main communication with friends and family."--Amanda L., twelfth grade

3. iPod/MP3 player--"It's so much more convenient than carrying around a bunch of CDs."--Annie W., twelfth grade

4. Digital camera--"I am addicted to taking pictures of my friends."--Claudia D., eighth grade

5. Game systems (Nintendo DS, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable [PSP])--"It's all about the Super Smash Bros. Melee."--Adam L.

6. Flash drive--Great for transferring songs, school papers, and anything else between home, school, and friends' houses.

7. Television--Some things never change!

8. TiVo--"Now it never matters when you're up, you can watch whatever you want. …


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