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Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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Irenikon (Chevetogne)

The following articles appear in Vol. 76, No. 1 (2003):

Jose L. Bandres, "La doctrine christologique de l'Eglise orthodoxe Tawahedo d'Ethiopie Evolution au cours des siecles," pp. 5-46.

Michel Van Parys, "L'Eglise et le Royaume de Dieu: Quelques temoignages des Peres de l'Eglise," pp. 47-63.

Lumen Vitae (Brussels)

Michel Deleu, "Les Fils d'Abraham: une exposition dans la ville--D'une intuition a la realisation." Vol. 58, No. 2 (April-May-June, 2003), 189-196.

Nouvelle Revue Theologique (Brussels)

Jean--Louis Lebua, "Changer la papaute Lecture par un theologien protestant." Vol. 125, No. 1 (January-March, 2003), 21-39.


Perspectiva Teologica (Belo Horizonte, MG)

Carlos Palacio, "Para uma pedagogia do dialogo." Vol. 35, No. 97 (September/December, 2003), 369-376.

Revista Eclesiastica Brasileira (Petropolis, RJ)

The following articles appear in Vol. 63, No. 251 (July, 2003):

Francisco de Aquino Junior, "Dialogo inter-religioso a partir dos pobres: Por uma teologia da libertacao das religioes," pp. 515-554.

Hubert Lepargneur, "Impactos eclesiologicos do Filioque," pp. 555-569.


Ecumenism (Montreal)

The following articles appear in No. 149 (March, 2003):

Charles Taylor, "Defining Globalization," pp. 6-13.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, "Moral Dilemmas of Globalization," pp. 14-16.

Konrad Raiser, "The Future of Christianity in the Era of Globalization" pp. 17-24.

Hermann Schaluck, "The Challenge of Globalization and Intercultural Communication: A Missio Perspective," pp. 25-31.

Thomas Ryan, "Parish Ecumenical Representatives," pp. 33-34

The following articles appear in No. 150 (June, 2003):

Bob Scott, "Faith and Order: A 75-Year Journey," pp. 4-6.

Michel Bertrand, "Spirituality: For Better, for Worse--The Witness of the Churches in French Society," pp. 7-14.

Henri Boulad, "Is Spirituality Replacing Religion?" pp. 15-21.

Tony Fernandes, "Towards a Global Ecumenical Consciousness," pp. 22-24.

Diane D'Souza, "Interfaith Dialogue: New Insights from Women's Perspectives," pp. 25-29.

"Guidelines for Living Ecumenism in Faith and Light," pp. 30-33.

Damian MacPherson, "New Foot Prints at World Youth Day: Toronto, 2002," pp. 34-35.

A special issue on "Encounter and Dialogue between Christians and Muslims" (No. 151 [September, 2003]) includes the following articles:

Gregory Baum, "The Church in Solidarity with the World Religions," pp. 5-8.

Sami Aoun, "Muslim-Christian Dialogue: The Unavoidable Demands of Modernity and Post-Modernity," pp. 9-13.

Yamina Lakmache, "Teaching and Building," p. 14.

Tariq Ramadan, "The Muslim Presence: Identity and Citzenship," pp. 15-17.

Samaa Elibyari, "Zakat: An Islamic System of Welfare--The Challenge to Muslims after September 11, 2001," pp. 18-21.

Alain Gignac, "Commemoration of the Shoah: At St.-Albert-Le-Grand Christian Community," pp. 22-24.

Ray and Fenella Temmerman, "Full of Faith, Full of Life, Full of Call, Full of Gift," pp. 25-27.

Angelika Piche, "A Model for Visits to Neighbour Churches during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: A Visit to Our Neighbour Actualizes Here and Now the Peace Promised Us," pp. 28-29.

[Note: The Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin will appear henceforth under the U.S. listings, having moved to Notre Dame, IN.]

Theoforum (Ottawa)

Catherine E. Clifford, "Marie dans le dialogue oecumenique." Vol. 34, No. 3 (2003), 355-374.


Bogoslovni Vestnik (Ljubljana)

Stanislav Slatinek, "Zgoci problemi krsta in mesanih zakonov (Important Problems of Baptism and Mixed Marriages)." Vol. …

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