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Inter-religio Bulletin (Taipei)

The following articles appear in No. 43 (Summer, 2003):

Emi Mase-Hasegawa, "Image of Christ for Japanese: Reflections on Shusaku Endo's Novels," pp. 22-33.

J. P. Mukengeshayi Matata, "Endo Shusaku's Novels and Religious Pluralism: A Reply to Prof. Emi Mase-Hasegawa," pp. 34-38.

Pratoom Angurarohita, "Soka Gakkai in Thailand: Its Rationale, Strategy, and Tactics." No. 44 (Winter, 2003), 2-26.

The following articles appear in No. 45 (Summer, 2004):

Zakaria J. Ngelow, "Traditional Culture, Christianity, and Globalization in Indonesia: The Case of Torajan Christians," pp. 3-11.

Nurman Said, "Religion and Cultural Identity among the Bugis (A Preliminary Remark)," pp. 12-20.

Cyril Veliath, "Hinduism in Japan," pp. 21-29.


Prajna Vihara (Bangkok)

The following articles appear in Vol. 1, No. 2 (July-December, 2000):

Leonard Swidler, "The Age of Global Dialogue," pp. 3-35.

Steven Mandelker, "The Renunciation of Sense-Pleasure in Christian and Theravada Buddhist Doctrine," pp. 36-58.

Andrea Kramer, "Multiculturaiism and Value-Based Justification," pp. 59-74.

Raymond Scupin, "Parallels between Buddhist and Islamic Movements in Thailand." Vol. 2, No. 1 (January-June, 2001), 105-138.

The following articles appear in Vol. 5, No. 1 (January-June, 2004):

Parichart Suwanbubbha, "Interreligious Dialogue: Old Liquor in Standard New Bottles," pp. 155-166.

Paul F. Knitter, "Christian Attitudes toward Other Religions: The Challenge of Commitment and Openness," pp. 167-180.

Ioan Voicu, "Solidarity and the Dialogue among Civilizations," pp. 181-208.

The following articles appear in Vol. 5, No. 2 (July-December, 2004):

Sebastian Vadassery, "Religious Dialogue: A Journey of Hope," pp. 66-96.

Reynaldo A. Reyes, "Dialogue beyond Diversity: A Buberian Postscript," pp. 97-121.

Terence J. Fay, "Dialogue on Differing Asian Spiritualities: Filipinos and Thais," pp. 122-135.


America (New York)

David Pinault, "Pakistan's Christians Face Sectarian Violence." Vol. 187, No. 4 (August

12-19, 2002), 18-20.

Patrick J. Ryan, "Fellowship in faith: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim." Vol. 188, No. 14 (April 21, 2003), 19-20.

William H. Keeler, "The U. S. Ecumenical Scene Today." Vol. 188, No. 19 (June 9-16, 2003), 8-12.

Maria Celi Scalon and Andrew M. Greeley, "Catholics and Protestants in Brazil." Vol. 189, No. 4 (August 18-25, 2003), 13-15.

Robert A. Krieg, "The Vatican Concordat with Hitler's Reich." Vol. 189, No. 5 (September 1, 2003), 14-17.

The following articles appear in Vol. 190, No. 5 (February 16, 2004):

Eugene J. Fisher, "The Bible, the Jews, and the Passion," pp. 7-9.

"Blocks in the Road: Is Israel Keeping Its Promises to the Vatican?" pp. 10-12.

Anglican Theological Review (Evanston, IL)

The following appear in Vol. 82, No. 4 (Fall, 2000):

J. Robert Wright, "Is Tradition the Enemy of Innovation? Some Historical and Ecumenical Examples," pp. 765-778.

Robert W. Prichard, "A Response to J. Robert Wright's 'Is Tradition the Enemy of Innovation?'" pp. 779-784.

The following articles appear in Vol. 83, No. 3 (Summer, 2001):

George H. Tavard, "A Clarification on the Filioque?" pp. 507-514.

Charles P. Price, "Some Notes on Filioque," pp. 515-535.

Ormonde Plater, "Ecumenical Documents on Ministry (1973-1999)," pp. 613-618.

Frederick H. Borsch, "Cultures and Communion: Diversity and Communality in the Church and World." Vol. 84, No. 2 (Spring, 2002), 287-301.

Jan Visser, "The Question of the Ordination of Women in the Community of Churches." Vol. 84, No. 3 (Summer, 2002): 731-745. …

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