Academic journal article International Journal of Humanities and Peace

Astrology and Spirituality

Academic journal article International Journal of Humanities and Peace

Astrology and Spirituality

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The thread of continuity which binds the various limbs of the Vedas is the underlying philosophy of Vedanta. Vedanta occupies a holistic and integrated perspective with regards to the sum of creation stating that all of life is intelligent and interconnected, subject to the immutable law of Karma.

This philosophy is the palpable, guiding force behind all the branches and methods of Vedic Astrology. Astrology embodies the organic and holistic thinking of the Vedas by demonstrating a relationship between the order and precision of the heavens and the events and timing of earthly phenomenon.

Astrology was conceived by the great sages of antiquity, who, in their superconscious state cognized and codified the laws of Astrology in order to aid mankind in their attempt to rise above the limitations that the force of their past actions created. As a science Astrology is highly mathematical and precise, and can be used successfully by the skeptic and devotee alike. But what Astrology offers to the Truth Seeker who consciously endeavors to maximize the opportunity for self reflection, Sadhana, and spiritual growth, is a knowledge so vast and profound in its nature that it can be a companion to any journey as deep and as subtle as the aspirant is prepared to take. Thus, the unique riches of Vedic Astrology resonates with the Seeker, who like the great science itself, is propelled by the quest for the unifying Truth of life.

Briefly, let us consider a few ways in which Astrology can support the aspirant in fulfilling his/her Sadhana.

First, there are several key elements in the chart which we can look at to help determine the level and character of the native's spiritual inclinations and maturity. Most directly they involve a study of the First, the Fifth, and the Ninth houses. Furthermore, the influence of certain planets by virtue of placement or aspect encourage or hinder spiritual awareness, Jupiter being the most auspicious indicator with regard to spiritual and religious life, and Saturn also being critical in promoting the ability to be steadfast in spiritual practice. Thirdly, all horoscopes can be evaluated in terms of what is revealed about the essential domains of life, Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha and fourthly, another means for evaluating the chart is for insight into spiritual inclinations with respect to the three basic natures, or Gunas: Sattva, Rajas, and Tama.

Regarding an overview of key houses, the First, Fifth and the Ninth, the Fifth house requires special attention because it indicates the merits of the past Karmas. Benevolent planets placed in or aspecting the Fifth house and Fifth house rulers well placed will bring an abundance of spiritual grace.

The First house is a very significant house because it reflects the spirit of the person, and therefore, when the First house ruler has a positive relationship to the Fifth or the Ninth house, then that person w ill encounter spiritual growth in this life.

We always look to the Ninth and Ninth House Rulers regarding spiritual matters because the Ninth House is the House of Dharma, religion and higher consciousness and indicates valuable insight into the spiritual affairs of the Native.

Jupiter plays a dominant role in bringing people into the spiritual fold, and rules Sagittarius, the Ninth sign of the Zodiac, which governs the expansion of knowledge. When Jupiter is well placed in the chart, in its Dasa period, Jupiter is bound to bring spiritual awareness into the individual's life.

The powerful influence of Jupiter and its impact in one's spiritual life is demonstrated to me often in my consulting practice. One does not need to be intellectually developed to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter, as it's influence will bring a certain degree of spiritual yearning regardless of other planetary limitations. I remember one such case, owing to the rather bold and dramatic gesture of my client, who canceled her check after her consultation with me because she considered the predictions preposterous. …

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