Academic journal article Style

A Bibliography of Bibliographies Appearing in Style, 1967-1994

Academic journal article Style

A Bibliography of Bibliographies Appearing in Style, 1967-1994

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Virtually every critical article published is bibliographical to some degree, and the earliest and latest volumes of Style in particular contain essays which are bibliographical - or, as Karl Kroeber characterized them in a critique of Style published in 1970, "reportorial" (295) - to much greater degrees. The first article in Style 1.1, for example, is Richard W. Bailey's survey of "Current Trends in the Analysis of Style," and other early numbers include essays on such topics as "Studies of Style in Czechoslovakia and Poland" (3 essays in 2.2) or "German Research on Style in the Romance Languages and Literatures" (3.2); numbers 26.4 and 27.4 similarly feature a number of substantial bibliographical essays. Among the most extensive of the more recent bibliographical essays are William Baker's series on "Recent Work in Critical Theory," published annually in the fourth number of volumes 24-26. I mention these valuable items here primarily because they do not appear in the following bibliography. I have included only reference bibliographies proper, whether annotated or enumerative (the indexes to the contents of each volume found at the back of the final number each year are not counted). Coverage is intended to be comprehensive from the first number of Style through the contents of this number (28.4). Having discovered a truly unexpected diversity in these bibliographies, I have abandoned a series of increasingly tortuous organizational schemes and simply listed them in the sequence of their appearance in Style, producing what I hope is a satisfactory browsing order. Let me shamelessly remind our readers that back issues are available from our Business Affairs Editor.

Style 1.3 (1967)

Richard W. Bailey, James R. Bennett, Betty Jo Brigham, James C. Cowan, Stephen H. Dill, T. C. Duncan Eaves, Ben D. Kimpel, Lyna Lee Montgomery, H. Blair Rouse, Leo L. Van Scyoc, and Richard C. Winegard, "1966 Annual Bibliography on Style." 257-81. 215 entries, about half of them lightly annotated. Compiled, as are subsequent annual bibliographies through volume 12, from a survey of selected journals and examination of the annual MLA Bibliography.

Style 2.3 (1968)

Richard W. Bailey, Richard J. Balthazar, Sr., Dolores M. Burton, and Susan J. Hanna, "Annual Bibliography for 1967." 245-65. 145 annotated entries.

Style 3.3 (1969)

Richard W. Bailey, Richard J. Balthazar, Sr., Dolores M. Burton, Susan J. Hanna, and Elizabeth Wissman, "Annual Bibliography for 1968." 261-302. 256 annotated entries. Includes a breakdown of the number of dissertations on style and stylistics written each year from 1955 to 1968.

Style 4.3 (1970)

Richard W. Bailey, Richard J. Balthazar, Elizabeth Wissman Bruss, Dolores M. Burton, Susan J. Hanna, and Angela D. McCourt, "Annual Bibliography for 1969." 252-94. 292 annotated entries. Initiates the practice of subdividing the list into six categories: Bibliographical Resources; Theoretical Orientations; Rhythm and Sound; Imagery, Diction, and Figures of Speech; Syntax; and Beyond the Sentence: Discourse and Rhetoric.

Style 6.1 (1972)

Richard W. Bailey, Elizabeth Wissman Bruss, Neal H. Bruss, Susan J. Hanna, and Thomas P. Klammer, "Annual Bibliography for 1970." 90-121. 216 annotated entries. Adds a seventh subdivision to the preceding year's six: "Language, Culture, and Style."

Style 6.3 (1972)

James R. Bennett, "A Methodological Guide to Articles in Style Volumes I-VI." 331-43.

John O. Hardin, "A Methodological Guide to Books Reviewed in Style Volumes I-VI." 317-30. Both indexes provide lightly annotated listings arranged "in an order from close analysis of individual linguistic features to ever widening contexts of techniques and meaning" (331).

Style 7.1 (1973)

Richard W. Bailey, Neal H. Bruss, Janet Eisner, Susan J. Hanna, Thomas P. Klammer, and A. I. Poltoratsky, "Annual Bibliography for 1971." 74-118. 297 annotated entries, organized into the now-standard seven categories. …

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