Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2006-2007 *

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2006-2007 *

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University of Alberta

(45) (40) (14)

PAUL BOAHENG, "Nozick's Non-Libertarianism: A Philosophical Reconstruction." Adviser: Wesley Cooper.

AMANDA COEN, "Dislocating Deliberative Democracy: Recognition and Transnational Activism." Advisers: Cressida Heyes and David Kahane. Awarded in 2006.

University of Arizona

(40) (35) (23)

MATT BEDKE, "Meta-normativity: An Inquiry into the Nature of Reasons." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

JASON BRENNAN, "The Best Moral Theory Ever: The Merits and Methodology of Moral Theorizing." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

JUSTIN FISHER, "Pragmatic Conceptual Analysis." Adviser: Terry Horgan.

ALLEN HABIB, "Promises and Promissary Obligations." Adviser: Thomas Christiano.

NICOLE HASSOUN, "Shrinking Distance: Global Justice in a Globalizing World." Adviser: Thomas Christiano.

JOEL MARTINEZ, "Livability and the Moral Perspective." Adviser: Julia Annas.

MICHAELA MUELLER, "Epistemic Luck, Epistemic Agency and Skepticism." Adviser: Terry Horgan.

Boston College

(183) (25) (23)

ERIC BROWN, "Reason's Contextualism." Adviser: David Rasmussen. COREY WILLIAM DYCK, "Kant and the Leibnizian Conception of Mind." Adviser: Susan Shell and Richard Cobb-Stevens.

MICHAEL FOURNIER, "Cicero, Seneca and Boethius on Consolation." Adviser: Eileen Sweeney.

SARAH HARPER, "Role-Centered Morality." Adviser: Jorge Garcia.

NEAL WILSON LEAVITT, "Reflections of Environment and the First Person Point of View." Adviser: Richard Cobb-Stevens.

DALIA NASSAR, "The Ontology of Presentation: The Infinite and the Finite in Early German Romantic Philosophy." Adviser: Frederick Beiser and Vanessa Rumble.

JOHN O'CONNOR, "Husserl's Idealism and the Avoidance of Metabasis." Adviser: Richard Cobb-Stevens.

JOSEPH TADIE, "Between Humilities: Retrieval of St. Thomas Aquinas on Virtue." Adviser: Thomas Hibbs.

JOSEPH TANKE, "Michel Foucault and Visual Culture: Toward a Genealogy of Modern Art." Adviser: James Bernauer.

University of British Columbia

(36) (36) (16)

ALEXANDRE V. KOROLEV, "The Limits of Predictability: Indeterminism and Undecidability in Classical and Quantum Physics." Adviser: Dr. Steven Savitt.

Brown University

(27) (27) (14)

TERESA CELADA, "Pro-Creative Liberty and its Critics." Adviser: James Dreier. SIMON D. FELDMAN, "Reason and the Limits of Morality." Adviser: James Dreier.

CHRISTOPHER M. KANE, "The Naive Counterfactual Analysis of Causation Vindicated." Adviser: Jaegwon Kim.

University of California at Berkeley

(47) (47) (14)

BENJAMIN CALLARD, "Ignorance and Innocence." Adviser: Samuel Scheffief.

BERSILAV MARUSIC, "Skepticism Between Absurdity and Idleness." Adviser: Barry Stroud.

University at Buffalo

(60) (59) (18)

TODD BINDIG, "Identity, Potential and Design: How They Impact the Debate over the Morality of Abortion." Adviser: David Hershenov.

BRIAN IMIOLA, "Morality and the National Interest: A Convention Based Account to Understanding International Relations." Adviser: Randal Dipert.

DOUGLAS MAYHEW, "An Ontology of Natural Cognition: The Substance and Structure of Everyday Thought." Adviser: Barry Smith.

University of California at Davis

(20) (20) (16)

JAMES BLACKMON, "Computationalism and the Putnam-Searle Thesis." Advisers: Robert Cummins and Paul Teller.

CHRISTIAN COONS, "The Value of Individuals and the Value of States of Affairs." Advisers: Connie Rosati and Pekka Vayrynen.

DAVID FREELOVE, "The Axioms and Substance in Aristotle's Science of Metaphysics." Adviser: Michael Wedin.

ALEXA LEE, "A Defense of Descriptivism." Advisers: Robert Cummins and Michael Glanzberg.

University of California at Irvine

(38) (38) (13)

MARC BAER, "The Primacy of Virtue in Virtue Ethics. …

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