Academic journal article Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Psycrossword 1 (Answers)

Academic journal article Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Psycrossword 1 (Answers)

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Byline: T. Asokan




1. Proponent of Dhat Syndrome (3)

3. He first described Anorexia Nervosa (7.4)

8. Acronym for premier organization for Substance Abuse (1,1,1,1)

9. Friend-group that will have greater influence on adolescence(4)

10. Acronym for inborn error of metabolism where there is deficiency of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase (1,1,1)

12. Said to be normal (4)

13. Proponent of Infantile Autism (3,6)

17. Melatonin and Light therapy are implicated in this mood disorder (1,1,1)

19. He first described Trichotillomania (8)

20. Pleasure Principle(2)

21. Proponent of Phobic Anxiety Depersonalisation Syndrome (4)

23. -----Rage: spontaneous outbursts of motor activity and fear (4)

25. ---------Krapelin : He highlighted Dementia Praecox (4)

26. Type of alcoholism with increased tolerance,severe withdrawal-also known as 'malignant alcoholism' (5)

27 'Birth trauma' was his concept (4,4)

28. He advocated 'Guru-Chela'concept (4)


1. Proponent of Agorophobia (8)

2. He first described 'Borderline Personality Disorder' (9)

3. Present State Examination was compiled by him (4)

4. …

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