Academic journal article College Student Journal

Ways to Beat the Stresses of Going to College

Academic journal article College Student Journal

Ways to Beat the Stresses of Going to College

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Among younger children "school phobias" are often problematic, but even among college students stresses linger that make their college-related experiences more "worrisome" than they should be. Therefore, this paper will propose ten strategies that should greatly aid individuals in their efforts to beat various kinds of college-related stress.


School phobias are not limited to primary school-age children. In fact, stress is a "fact of life" for many college students today. In order to deal effectively with stress, college students may wish to consider the following strategies to reduce and/or eliminate it.

1. Fully realize that attitude is everything. After all, attitudes truly are the mind's paint brush, because they can color any situation. So arm yourself with a "positive attitude" and a smile, and then be willing to go the extra mile.

2. Attend class regularly, and be on time. Don't be late, because the teacher could be most unkind. Maintain this routine and your stresses will lessen, and before you know it, you'll even understand the prof's lesson.

3. Regarding the professor, don't be a stranger. For to do so, will make you feel like the "lone ranger." Truly, by getting to know him/her better, you'll be able to diminish stress's little fetters.

4. Regarding your fellow students, who may seem like strangers to you. Do all you can to make them friends too. In so doing, stresses will fall, and their love for you will likely grow tall.

5. There are others on campus who want to help you, like counselors, tutors, and others, too, but you need to let them know how you feel, or they will never know about the problem with which you're unable to deal. …

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