IRS to Consolidate Regional and District Offices

Article excerpt

The Internal Revenue Service will reduce the number of regional offices from seven to four on October 1, 1995, and cut the number of district headquarters from 63 to 33 by September 30, 1996. The IRS said it is consolidating to reduce executive, managerial and support positions. This is the service's first major field office reorganization since,1952.

Frank Keith, spokesperson at the IRS in Washington, D.C., told the journal that the service "does not anticipate these changes will have any direct impact on taxpayers or the CPAS that represent them. Not one of the IRS offices is closing; we are just merging districts. That is, the offices will still be there, in the same buildings, but they will be reclassified. The changes are primarily in the form of consolidating the top-level management positions. The number of employees in first- and second-level management positions in most of the locations will not change." Keith said that a CPA who visits a district office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or Little Rock, Arkansas, for example, to get a tax form, discuss a payment agreement or submit an offer-in-compromise will continue to do so in that same district office. …


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