Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

Proverbs of India

Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

Proverbs of India

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The first and second are Gujarati language proverbs, the third is a Marathi language proverb, the fourth is a quote in Sanskrit language from the Isha Upanishada [stanza 15] a Hindu scripture, and the fifth, again in Sanskrit, is a quote from the Bhagavad Gita [stanza 48, chapter 18] which is a quintessential philosophical part in one of the chapters of the great epic Maha Bharata.

Aap Mua Vina Swarge Naa Javaye.

Translation: Nobody can enter the gates of heaven without one's own death.

Exposition: A person must exert himself to accomplish valuable goals, just as death by proxy, by delegating or outsourcing cannot secure heaven for a person by advance booking.

Utaavale Aambaa Naa Paake.

Translation: You cannot rush a mango tree to grow and yield ripe mangoes in a great hurry.

Exposition: Everything precious has an intrinsic natural pace of mellow growth, and it should not be altered. Can you skim through thoughtful writings of Kahlil Gibran, or accelerate a vacation to Hawaii, Himalayan tracking, or graceful hang gliding?

Saakar Disate, Godi Naay Disat.

Translation: Sugar cubes can be seen, sweetness cannot be seen.

Exposition: There can be no substitute to the understanding gained by an actual experience. One can read verbal [or wordal, as I pointed out in the workshop] description about sugar or even see it, but only when you taste it in the mouth its quality of sweetness is understood by direct experience. …

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