Student-Instructor Communication: An Innovative Teaching Material in Support of Student Learning

Article excerpt

The purpose of this study was to understand how the innovative teaching material "Interactive Learning Disk (ILD) "could enhance the learning effect of students taking the course of Tourist Database Management (TDM). "ILD" is a kind of teaching material that incorporate interactive concept into course and help students to learn after class. This research adopted quasi-experimental design. Finally, it concluded that ILD could more effectively enhance learners' learning effect for the tourist database management than the exemplary disk attached with the textbooks. As such, it is recommended other studies shall be conducted to probe the possibility of the development of applicable ILD for other disciplines.

1. Introduction

The international tourism markets have grown up rapidly. The Asia Pacific region has even surpassed the American to become the word's second-largest tourist-receiving region since 2001 (Weng & Wang, 2004). Tourism development has become a major policy of the government in Taiwan to increase employment and economic growth (Kuo, Hsiao, & Lan, 2005). More and more international tourist hotels were established, and would attempt to join the international hotel chains to provide diversified facilities or broader range of services, such as restaurants, meetings, lounges, fully equipped business centers, banquet halls, clubs or other recreational facilities to meet different needs of travelers. However, as the emerging market in international tourism becomes so competitive, the operation of international tourist hotels become more complicated and must be able to specialize to attract particular customer groups. Many previous academic articles have focused on trends and development of the hotel industry or on the issues of performance evaluation during the past decades to explore (e.g., Sangree & Hathaway, 1996; Morey & Dittman, 1995; Anderson, Fork, & Scott, 2000; Tsaur, 2001; Hwang & Chang, 2003). However, the use of information to decide when and how a company can achieve greater benefits is of crucial importance. Hence, tourist database management also has become more and more important. The hotel managers must pay much attention on tourist database management to plan and implement the feasible strategies to attract all potential tourists from worldwide. That's why this research focuses on the course of Tourist Database Management to explore.

Following the joint development of computer technology and audio/video media in recent decades, the "Interactive Multimedia" composed of the usage of computers and audio/video media material has advanced people's communication mutually and jumping interaction from one-way and linear broadcast. It's application has been widely extended to other areas, such as the information queries and searching in exhibition institutes (i.e. airports, museums and art museums), education, recreation, military, medical science and enterprise' training courses etc.

Computer-based learning systems have great potential for delivering learning material (Masiello, Ramberg, & Lonka, 2005). The implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to support learners' learning, or "hopping onto the e-learning bandwagon", had become a new trend in education (Govindasamy, 2001). Alant & Dada (2005) indicated that it is undoubtedly true the computer mediated communication technologies, when used correctly, can improve the quality of learning. One main function of education is to prepare the graduates to be able to apply what they have learned in school to the real word. To be a teacher in the Hospitality College, how to upgrade the learners' competency of tourist database management is an important topic today. The tourist database management has been one of the crucial parts for students majoring in tourism management. In terms of the reforms for the teaching of tourist database management, undoubtedly, researchers always hope to have the expedience and efficiency brought by the modem computer technology and base on the concept of establishing a learning environment with interactive Q&A as well as conversations. …


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