Academic journal article Hecate

Mother and Daughter

Academic journal article Hecate

Mother and Daughter

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Walking into the days of your coma I and you are the same age Your breathing becomes mud-fishy Your facial tissues turn into black soil You ask silence to paint our portraits Paint us into the same woman To differentiate the two of us, you ask me to walk away

Except you, who else can hurt me The night chews me up for food, my food is family cares Your sighs are the only native sounds Except me, who else can stand your touching The navel is a lethal abyss You bring me up with the umbilical cord Out of airy emptiness giving me everything To live, mimicking you I have consumed this devout family heart

You burn your ten fingers in the light Afraid to die You frame my whole body in your eyes Gentle memories obscured by details I am your only proof You stare at me, your body like a looted tomb A hunch-backed jacket with sour body temperature Bears away your remaining days On your face an easy-going smile Expressing readiness to stumble away

You said life is a kind of nakedness Death is the same nakedness Last night, you forgot death and breathing Your breasts soaring to the clouds Shamefully trembling, spraying apple juice Dyeing dead bodies green, making dead bodies swell Like an eternal pregnancy As if you can breed eternity Death is so mediocre and vulgar Let me look and not see I wear your old clothes They are warm and fitting

Tang Yaping Translated by Li Xia

Tang Yaping

Tang Yaping was born on 22 October 1962 in Tongjiang County, Sichuan Province, the People's Republic of China. …

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