Academic journal article Chicago Review

Entropy as the Bone Queen

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Entropy as the Bone Queen

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Always smoking inside my skin with your nagging territorial stamens with your chronic teutonic measuring worms always coughing up snakes under sun embargoed baobab trees

your nostrils corroded by lobotomy & brine with a history of horrified mortality incisors your breasts like scarlet bracts like illegible muscatel full of steaming melancholia in your braids the wick of terrified lactation stagnant burning at the very source of luminescence wrangling with prorogation & debasement

never enough for you to dwell on Aurelian turquoise or spell out your name in jasmine or diamonds for you a barrier of umlauts a baked Germanian Sahara a zoological spasmodic a zone of missed propositions & foreboding

of course you are hiding your soaked New Guinean arrows & curses your cracked neurological abutments wanting to turn on me a poisoned fan of arrowheads to shower me with a cunning dyslogistical oblivion

am I beleagured by such analogical terror? by your shifting transmutations studded by icy war horse mirrors? scurrilous shaking seismological propane above my skull?

never giving to you advantage never lofty terrorist morsels not even the kernel of a common Renaissance blemish expecting me to mount exquisite dwarf rotundas with the power of auricular happenstance

there is flat refusal & scandal there is the night under a green demonic swarthy overcast without reticular sobriety to procreate its atoms to live in its thirst in its leanest microbial core

therefore under a zodiacal Andromedan lean-to under a fierce ghostly angular furnace there is rage there is unforeseen aggression in that ancillary state vocally assembled as surcease which riddles in essence the Stygian eclipse with its icy parenthetical motifs which makes it stagger & forget its first hallucinated motives its first dyspeptic procedure

this is love this is the true fertility of the bone nest the true in-combinatory cogito the cherished crystallization which electrocutes each of your poisoned necromancer's tribes your geriatric fate hiding the face of a star dreaming & re-dreaming throughout transformative abruptness & dying

this is love ensconced in spectacular photino exclusion the natural non-conveyable bullion the sunlit rubidium the blighted ingress lodges elevated above the wounded silk of embossed doctrinal noises

because in your existence there is no practical purpose ho hallucinogen to honor the uncircumcised glintings reflected down into the limitless gullets connecting anti-being & being connecting the weakened marsupial ghostliness those collective spirals of ghostliness with presence as essential nublado

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