English as a Second Language - Are Educators Doing a Disservice to Students?

Article excerpt

Ethnic populations are increasing throughout the United States of America. Population auditors are predicting the ethnic populations to increase even further in the future. Many more ethnic students are entering the American school systems with little or no English comprehension. The current trend in the pedagogical processes is to teach English as a second language to students with language ethnicity. The students' native tongue is their primary language; whereas, English is taught to the students as a second language. Are we, as educators, doing a disservice to these students by teaching English as their second language? Educators substantiated the move to English instruction as a second language with many arguments. These arguments require reassessment. English should be taught as the primary language to ethnic students.

Nowhere in the world does another country put their native language secondary. The naive tongue is always the primary language taught to students in schools. Russian educators teach Russian as the primary language to theft students. Japanese educators teach Japanese. In France, educators teach French to their students. The native language is always taught as the primary language.

A student of ethnic language does not lose his/her identity by being instructed with English as his/her primary language in school. The student has left his/her country of origin, and when residing in the United States of America (or any other country) is enhancing his/her identity. The student who now resides in the United States of American has left behind the country of origin's language as well, no longer living in the country where the ethnic language was primary. The ethnic language should now become the secondary language with English taught to the student as his/her primary language.

As a third world country takes three steps backward when a first world country takes one step forward in advancement, so will the ethnic student who is taught English as a secondary language. …


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