From the President

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Where's Jared? Thanks to Ward's Natural Science, there were a couple of folks who identified Jared in Atlanta and walked away with a very nice prize. So who is Jared and what was he doing in Atlanta anyway? Jared is a colleague of mine in his fourth year of teaching. A member of that all important group of teachers in their first five years we need to encourage and support. He decided to attend the NABT Conference in Atlanta with me and thought that he would probably find something to help his teaching. Actually, I was sure my accolades of an NABT Conference and its impact on my teaching and professional growth had conveyed the very essence of the experience. Based on his reaction in Atlanta, I apparently missed the mark.


Jared could not believe how energized and empowered he felt each day. He was blown away by Ken Miller and intrigued by Erich Jarvis. He was amazed that after receiving the Distinguished Service Award, Sean Carroll would strike up a conversation and continue a discussion with him outside of the hotel lobby. He was shocked that the presenters gave him software and DVDs so that he could adapt and adopt upon returning to campus. He was able to experience the power of teaching approaches from a student's perspective and could see straight away how they might improve student engagement and learning in his own courses. Then there was the rejuvenation of spirit that takes place when sharing in a community of like-minded individuals which resulted in a new friendship with a colleague from Canada.

As Jared and I returned home, he made a comment that was conformational of the experience and yet disconcerting when it comes to communicating the NABT experience to another biology teacher. …


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