Academic journal article The American Biology Teacher


Academic journal article The American Biology Teacher


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LABTUTOR[R]. 2007. CD-ROM. Developed by ADInstruments, Inc. Visit for ordering and pricing information, or within North America call (888) 965-6040.

System Requirements:

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 USB interface for operation with Power Lab Internet Explorer v5.5 or later 1.6 GHz Pentium processor 256 MB RAM A computer that supports a 1024 x 768 color display

The LabTutor[R] software has been developed to be used in conjunction with PowerLab data acquisition hardware and both are designed for laboratory teaching specific experiment files. The range of activities included is:

* Spectrophotometry

* Acid-Base Titration

* Biological Membranes

* Cellular Respiration

* Photosynthesis--[CO.sub.2] Fixation

* Photosynthesis--[O.sub.2] Production

* Temperature Effects on Enzyme Performance

* Water Balance

* Human Anatomy & Physiology (a wide-range of activities)

* Animal Physiology (a wide-range of activities)

* Pharmacology (a set of related activities)

* Biochemistry (a set of related activities)

Once the software and hardware are connected to the appropriate devices (depending upon the laboratory exercise), students are allowed to control the sampling, storage of experimental data, and data analysis.

During the progression of any of the lab activities, students are prompted to follow steps as needed. Upon data collection, then the data can be analyzed, followed by a Lab Report section linked to background material. The various stages of the data acquisition process are very intuitive and allow the students to access background information necessary to make sense of the results obtained and to delete data (if necessary). …

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