Academic journal article Social Education

Create a Time Line of Recent History

Academic journal article Social Education

Create a Time Line of Recent History

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Construct you own time line of recent events. You can show how people and events have been related over time by creating a time line with several layers. Sources of information could include an interview with your parents, a social studies textbook, and an encyclopedia. Begin by asking about the life of a living older relative, such as a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

The Years on a Line. Start with the year your relative was born. You don't have to make a tic mark on this line for every single year on the line. It's okay to mark every 5th or every 10th year, right up until the present year. (See the example below.)

Layer 1: Personal Events, Mark some of the important dates in the life of your relative, such as the year he or she was born, when he or she graduated, traveled, married, had children, or found employment.

Layer 2: Technology and Innovation. Mark the years that some recent inventions first came on the market, such as the home computer, cell phone, DVD, or iPod.

Layer 3: National Events. Mark some things that happened in the USA, such as a new federal law (Clean Water Act), a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Miranda v. Arizona), economic high or low points (housing market crash), population milestones, presidential terms, major constructions, or major disasters. …

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