Academic journal article Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies

Nine Dragon Theme Park: Marketing Strategy in China

Academic journal article Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies

Nine Dragon Theme Park: Marketing Strategy in China

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The primary subject matter of this case concerns the destination marketing strategies used for a Chinese amusement theme park. The case follows the theme park from its inception and discovers how the changing tourism environment in China affected the success of the theme park.


This case examines the development and role of destination marketing in the China tourism industry in general and in the theme park in particular. A case study of Nine Dragon Theme Park in Beijing, China is demonstrated to explore the detonation marketing development. The China tourism industry has effectively merged its service with that from local attractions to the development of global and modern theme parks. This study provides a comprehensive viewpoint for China destination marketing development and strategies.


This paper studies the case of a theme park in China, its destination marketing practices, and the market reaction during the different development stages. By presenting and analyzing this case, the paper strives to identify the role of destination marketing to theme parks in the future China market. Students should be asked to critique the NDA situation throughout its three stages. They should be able to make recommendations for each stage, paying particular attention to the third, and least successful, stage.


Destination in the tourism industry always refers to a physical place that can provide visitors with sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and other services and experience. In this study, the following reasons demonstrate that the destination marketing approach is unique in the Chinese tourism industry. estination marketing has become increasingly necessary in the modern travel and tourism industry as places seek to be distinctive and attractive, aiming to establish a favorable position and sell themselves in a highly competitive environment (Henderson, 2000, p. 37).

Second, as one of the first artificial theme parks opened to the public, NDA endured the successes and difficulties of such kind of amusement park. With this effort, they revealed some important things in common for reference of the future development of the theme parks in China. Third, the period when NDA was established and operated is one that the Chinese tourism industry developed from early rapid growth in the early stages to severe competition in its mature stage. The macro environment and government policy also changed according to this situation. The marketing approach of NDA also reflected this change and the market response.


1. Identify the destination marketing strategies that apply in the in each of the three periods in the NDA case.

Destination market organizations (DMOs) focus mainly on marketing as the principal management function Marketing, therefore, is the principal purview of DMOs. More specifically, recognizing that marketing entails much more than just elling or dvertising, destination promotion is normally the DMOs major activity and budget item (Dore and Crouch, 2002, p. 137).

NDA opened to tourists on August 1990 after five years of construction. The income and numbers of visitors increased excessively, to a peak in 1995 and then had a sharp decrease in 1996. The operation can be divided into three periods by the numbers of tourists and incomes: The first increase period from 1990 to 1995, the 1996 fall of the business and the continuing decrease from 1997. Both the macro environment and the management practices, especially the marketing approach, played an important role in these three periods.

Figure 1 displays the periods of NDA case.


2. What specific suggestions would you make to NDA for a new marketing strategy, taking into consideration their limited revenue and investor funding? …

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