Academic journal article VAHPERD Journal

Food Links

Academic journal article VAHPERD Journal

Food Links

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Grade: 4-6

Equipment: Food Guide Pyramid, construction paper, markers, paper

Objective: to encourage healthy eating habits

Method: Tack a large chart of the Food Guide Pyramid on the bulletin board for everyone to view. Explain to the class that they will be working on a four-week project known as "Food Links", and that it is important that each person records everything that they eat (Monday-Friday) during this time period.

Ask the students to record the foods that they eat daily in the appropriate pyramid categories and bring their list to class each day. Each food group is a different color (brown=grains, cereals, bread, pasta; purple=fruits; green=vegetables; yellow=fats, sugars, oils; blue=meat, beans, eggs, nuts, fish; white=dairy), and daily the students will select strips of construction paper depending on the servings and from which food group they have consumed (recording their name on the back of each strip.)

Link the food sources according to the students' colored strips on the FOOD LINK poster located on the bulletin board. The goal is to work towards having a balanced pyramid daily for the class throughout the four-week period. …

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