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Bacteria War

Academic journal article VAHPERD Journal

Bacteria War

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Grade: 3-5

Equipment: 2 different colored "pennies"/t-shirts, 3 hula hoops, 4 cones

Objective: to demonstrate how bacteria germs easily spread

Method: First, move all desks and objects to one side of the classroom, or go outside to a open area for more room. Stress safety rules to the students for activities that involve running/tagging others.

This activity could follow a lesson on bacteria (a pathogens) and how it is spread from one person to another, and how the human body fights back to become well again. Begin by selecting two groups of three students each. Have one group wear red "pennies" to indicate that they are bacterial agents, another group wears blue "pennies" to represent antibacterial agents, and everyone else will not wear "pennies", or be in groups as they are considered healthy. The four orange cones will be placed to indicate the playing area, and all skipping/tagging/standing must be within this area.

Begin with all the healthy students and the group of antibacterial agents scattered and skipping about the free space area. On the signal "bacteria", the bacterial agents (holding hands) will skip around trying to tag other healthy students (on their hand) and infect them. …

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