Academic journal article VAHPERD Journal

Invisible Bugs

Academic journal article VAHPERD Journal

Invisible Bugs

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Grade: 4-8

Equipment: blowing bubbles, paper, dry powder/talc, soap, water, dry powdered paint, sheet of sticky colored dots/stars

Objective: to illustrate how germs travel

Method: Begin by explaining how immunizations reduce the likelihood of becoming infected with diseases such as small pox, measles, mumps, etc. Give a group of students a colored dot to stick on their forehead. Explain that the dots will indicate immunity. Select another student to be Chicken pox Joe (or another name if there is a Joe in class), and stick colored dots all over his face. Joe (or selected name) is instructed to move about the class touching other students on their hand to "infect" them since they have no dots. Since they have no immunity to the germ, they will become sick.

Blow bubbles into an open space to indicate how germs spread by "droplets." So that the students can actually see the droplet infection occurring, spread a sheet of paper in front of the bubble blower to catch the "droplets" and indicate how the germs spread in the air. …

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