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Movie night is a great event that can enhance the fun of Teen Read Week (TRW). Why show a movie during a week that celebrates the written word? Teens connect with ideas and emotions in a variety of ways. Movies that fit with the 2008 TRW theme, Books with Bite, reinforce the topic and encourage exploration of further entertainment with similar subject matter. Movies can also draw in reluctant readers and show them all that the library has to offer teens. Hosting a teen movie night during TRW can be simple, effective, and one of the most successful teen events at the library all year.


Teen advisory groups and frequent teen visitors are great sources of movie recommendations. This year's theme fits well with the Halloween season, so the choices are practically endless. From horror classics to modern-day thrillers, this year's theme provides an array of film options to appeal to teen viewing tastes.

Choose the movie well in advance of the event date. Extra time to get the word out is always a benefit. There's nothing worse than planning the perfect event at which no one shows up. With teens, word of mouth can work wonders. Here are a few ways that you can promote movie night to the teens in your community:

1. Collaboration between public and school libraries

2. Flyers in the library

3. Post on the library Web site

4. Encourage local organizations and businesses that cater to teens to carry information about the event

Consider staging movie night as the opening or closing TRW activity. It can serve as a great kickoff to introduce the theme in a dramatic way. Movie night can also act as a nice, relaxing, and rewarding way to draw the week to a close.

The Event

Food is always a great draw. Local independent pizza places will often donate food for a library event in return for the exposure as a sponsor. The pizza place can also act as another outlet to spread the word to local teens.

Another essential addition to the movie night event room is books. A creative way to promote Books with Bite at movie night is to line the perimeter of the room with tables. On the tables, create displays of TRW-themed books. Be sure to indicate to the teens that they can pick up, read, and check out the books at any time. …


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