Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History


Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History


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University of Alabama at Birmingham: Daniel R. Lesnick and Michael N. McConnell have retired.

University of Arkansas: Robert C. McMath Jr. named interim provost; Liang Cai appointed assistant professor; Thomas Grischany appointed visiting assistant professor; Daniel E. Sutherland on leave spring 2009; William F. Tucker has retired; Donald W. Engels named emeritus.

Arkansas Tech University: Thomas DeBlack, E. Jan Jenkins, and H. Micheal Tarver promoted to professor; Peter Dykema promoted to associate professor.

Baylor University: Beth A. Barr appointed assistant professor; Gabrielle Sutherland appointed lecturer; George W. Gawrych on leave 2008-2009; Gary W. Hull has retired.

Bethel College: Penelope Adams Moon promoted to associate professor.

The Citadel: Winfred B. Moore Jr. named dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; Keith N. Knapp named chair; Kerry Taylor and Joe Renouard appointed assistant professor; David Glantz appointed Mark W. Clark Visiting Professor; Kyle S. Sinisi promoted to professor; Joelle Neulander and Jennifer L. Speelman promoted to associate professor.

Claflin University: Millicent Brown appointed associate professor and faculty fellow in the Jonathan Jasper Wright Institute for the Study of Southern African American History, Culture, and Policy.

University of Delaware: Katherine C. Grief appointed professor of history and director of museum studies; James M. Brophy promoted to professor; Jonathan S. Russ promoted to associate professor.

East Tennessee State University: Dale J. Schmitt named chair; Brian Maxson and Daryl A. Carter appointed assistant professor; Andrew L. Slap promoted to associate professor; Colin F. Baxter has retired and been named emeritus; Dale M. Royalty has retired.

Eastern Kentucky University: Jacqueline Jay appointed assistant professor; David W. Coleman and Christiane Diehl Taylor promoted to professor; Jennifer Spock on leave 2008-2009; Thomas H. Appleton Jr. on leave spring 2009; David S. Sefton and Robert Topmiller have retired.

University of Florida: David R. Colburn, Julian M. Pleasants, and Robert H. Zieger have retired and been named emeritus.

Furman University: Ellen R. Boucher appointed assistant professor; Jonas Kauffeldt and David S. McCarthy appointed visiting assistant professor; Timothy G. Fehler promoted to professor; Savita Nair promoted to associate professor.

Georgia State University: Kathryn Wilson appointed associate professor; Marni Davis, Allen Fromherz, and David Sehat appointed assistant professor; Joseph B. Perry promoted to associate professor; Richard Laub and Larry Youngs promoted to senior lecturer.

Jacksonville University: Jesse Hingson appointed assistant professor; Jay Clarke has retired.

James Madison University: Nukhet Varlik appointed assistant professor; Dorothy A. Boyd-Bragg, Jessica B. Davidson, P. David Dillard, Kevin R. Hardwick, Lamont D. King, Michael J. Seth, and Jacqueline B. Walker on leave 2008-2009.

Lincoln Memorial University: Michael Toomey appointed assistant professor.

Louisiana State University: Andrew Burstein appointed Charles Phelps Manship Professor; Nancy G. Isenberg appointed professor; Carolyn Herbst Lewis and Louise E. Walker appointed assistant professor.

Louisiana Tech University: Ahmad Nazir Atassi appointed assistant professor.

University of Louisville: John E. McLeod promoted to professor; Raphael C. Njoku promoted to associate professor; Ann T. Allen and Karen E. Spierling on leave 2008-2009; John T. Cumbler on leave spring 2009; Jonathan R. Ziskind has retired.

University of Maryland: Karin Rosemblatt appointed associate professor; Alejandro Caneque appointed assistant professor; Mary Kay Vaughan on leave 2008-2009; James Henretta has retired.

University of Mississippi: Joseph P. Ward named chair; Charles R. …

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