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Supplement to a Bibliography of Russian Formalism in English

Academic journal article Style

Supplement to a Bibliography of Russian Formalism in English

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This is a supplement to my "Bibliography of Russian Formalism in English," published in a previous bibliographic number of Style (26.4, Winter 1992: 554-76).

The original listing was divided into three sections: the first for English translations of writings by the Formalist critics, the second for English-language writings on the Formalist school, and the third for such miscellaneous but possibly relevant items as (translated) writings by members of the movement dating from later than its dissolution in 1929. This supplement is divided into two major sections: the first listing revisions to entries in the original bibliography, the second listing additions to it (whether of new items or - much the larger group - items that I missed in my first survey). The entries in both of these sections are keyed to the entries and divisions of the 1992 listing, of course, in a way which is (hopefully) sufficiently clear.

As in the original bibliography, the spellings of proper names in Russian, which vary depending on the system of English transliteration used, have been regularized, with some inconsistency as the unavoidable result. (An asterisk indicates an item that I have not seen.) Thanks to Kenneth Morefield for assistance.


1B. Individual Formalists

Boris Eikhenbaum:

The Young Tolstoy. 1922; revised ed. 1928. Trans. (of 1922 ed.) David Boucher et al. Ed. Gary Kern. Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1972. Extract rpt. Tolstoy's Short Fiction. Ed. Michael R. Katz. New York: Norton, 1991. Norton Critical Edition. 370-78.

Roman Jakobson:

"On Tolstoy's Crises." 1924. Trans. Ralph E. Matlaw. Tolstoy: A Collection of Critical Essays. Ed. Matlaw. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1967. 52-55. Trans. Carol A. Palmer. Erlich 97-101.

"The Theory of the 'Formal Method.'" 1926 [Ukranian]; 1927. Trans. Lemon and Reis 102-39. Rpt. Critical Theory since Plato. Ed. Hazard Adams. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1971. 828[9]-46. Revised ed., 1992. 800[01]-16. Trans. I. R. Titunik: "The Theory of the Formal Method." Matejka and Pomorska 3-37.

With Yury Tynyanov. "Problems in the Study of Literature and Language." 1928. Trans. Herbert Eagle. Matejka and Pomorska 79-81; SW 3: 3-6; VA 25-27; LL 47-49. Trans. Richard T. De George: "Problems in the Study of Language and Literature." The Structuralists: From Marx to Levi-Strauss. Ed. De George and Fernande M. De George. New York: Anchor, 1972. 81-83. Trans. L. M. O'Toole: "Problems of Research in Literature and Language." RPT 4 (1977): 49-51. Trans. anon. (from French trans.?): "Problems of Literary and Linguistic Studies." New Left Review 37 (May-June 1966): 59-61.

"On a Generation that Squandered Its Poets." 1931. Trans. E. J. Brown. Brown 7-32; Erlich 138-66; VA 111-32; LL 273-300. Extracts trans. Dale E. Peterson (from French trans.?): "The Generation that Squandered Its Poets." Yale French Studies 39 (1967): 119-25.

Viktor Shklovsky:

"Art as Technique." 1917. Lemon and Reis 5-24. Frequently rpt. Revised as ch. 1 of Theory of Prose: "Art as Device."

Yury Tynianov:

"The Interval." 1924 (publ. 1929). Trans. John Glad and Sylvia Maizell. Russian Literature Triquarterly 5 (Winter 1973): 420-43. Trans. Christopher Pike and Joe Andrew: "Interval - To Boris Pasternak." Pike 106-39. Section 9 trans. Donald Davie: "Pasternak's 'Mission.'" Pasternak: Modern Judgments. Ed. Donald Davie and Angela Livingstone. London: Macmillan, 1969. 126-34. Portion trans. Victor Erlich: "Words and Things in Pasternak." Pasternak: A Collection of Critical Essays. Ed. Erlich. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1978. 32-38.

2. Writings in English on Russian Formalism

Any, Carol. "Introduction: Russian Formalism, 1915-1930." Soviet Studies in Literature 21 (1984-1985): 5-28. Special issue: The Russian Formalist Tradition: Retrospective Views, ed. Any. Rpt. Boris Eikhenbaum (portions).

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