Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2007-2008

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2007-2008

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University at Albany

(49) (49) (11)

JULIETTE STEVENS, "Mental Causation: A Nonreductivist Perspective." Adviser: Ron McClamrock.

JOHN STYLES, "Empirically Grounded Metaphors in Science." Adviser: P. D. Magnus.

University of Alberta

(45) (40) (15)

CHRISTOPHER G. LEPOCK, "Metacognition and Intellectual Virtue." Adviser: Adam Morton.

SEYED N. MOUSAVIAN, "Empty Names and Neo-Russellianism." Advisers: Bernard Linsky and Adam Morton.

University of Arizona

(45) (45) (23)

STEPHEN BIGGS, "Modality and Mind." Adviser: Terry Horgan.

CHRIS BROWN, "Beneficience." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

STEFAN SCIARAFFA, "Role Identification and the Authority of the State." Adviser: Thomas Christiano.

PAUL THORN, "Three Problems of Direct Inference." Adviser: John Pollock.

Boston University

(43) (43) (24)

JONATHAN HANEN, "Self-Knowledge and the Art of Politics in Plato's Alcibiades Major." Adviser: David Roochnik.

BESIM KARAKADILAR, "Hilbert's Metamathematical Problems and Their Solutions." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

ALICE MACLACHLAN, "The Nature and Limits of Forgiveness." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

INGVILD TORSEN, "After Aesthetics: Martin Heidegger and the End of Art." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

FRANCO V. TRIVIGNO, "The Philosophical Muse: On Comedy in the Platonic Dialogues." Adviser: David Roochnik.

Bowling Green State University

(38) (33) (13)

GREG HAKOS, "Experience in the World of the Living." Adviser: Michael Bradie.

NICHOLAS MALOBERTI, "Individual Sovereignty and Political Legitimacy." Adviser: Fred Miller.

JONATHAN MILLER, "Mystical Experiences, Neuroscience, and the Nature of Reality." Adviser: Marvin Belzer.

JOHN MILLIKEN, "The Authority of Morality." Adviser: Raymond G. Frey.

MATHEW STICHTER, "The Skill of Virtue." Adviser: Daniel Jacobson.

University of British Columbia

(40) (38) (18)

TIMOTHY CHRISTIE, "Persons and Partiality: Limitations on Consequentialist Justifications." Advisers: Catharine Wilson and John Beatty.

Brown University

(30) (22) (15)

AARON-DIRK BOYDEN, "Reducing Realism." Adviser: Jaegwon Kim.

BENJAMIN P. FIEDOR, "Doxastic Involantarism and Epistemic Deontology." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

PAUL J. NEUFELD, "The Fitting and the Virtuous in Stoic Ethics." Adviser: Victor Caston.

REBEKAH L. H. RICE, "A Causal Approach to the Nature of Human Action." Adviser: Jaegwon Kim.

University at Buffalo

(58) (56) (19)

TIMOTHY CONNOLLY, "The Moving Being: The Role of Change in Plato." Adviser: Jiyuan Yu.

VALERIE JOHNSON FRANKS, "Empirical Idealism: A Modern Foundation for the Science of the Mind." Adviser: John Kearns. (Awarded in 2007)

NATHAN HEBERLIG, "On the Ontological Status of Space-time: Scientific Realism and Geometrical Explanation." Adviser: Randall Dipert.

YOUNGJAE LEE, "Referring." Adviser: John Kearns.

ASHUTOSH KALSI, "The Ending of Nihilism: From Nietzsche to Krishnamurti." Adviser: Kah Kyung Cho.

JOSEPH PATERNO, "The Problem of the Causal Account of Memory: A Solution and its Consequences." Adviser: Randall Dipert. (Awarded in 2007)

GEROL PETRUZELLA, "Eternal Goods from Socrates to the Stoics." Adviser: Jiyuan Yu.

PAUL SYMINGTON, "The Identity of the Categories: Aquinas, Scotus and Lowe." Adviser: Jorje Gracia.

University of Calgary

(18) (18) (19)

ANDREW FENTON, "Aping the Substantive Epistemic Subject? In Search of Epistemic Equals in the Genus of Pan." Adviser: John Arthur Baker. (Awarded in 2007)

YOSHIKI KOBASIGAWA, "Meinong Plus." Adviser: Ali A. Kazmi. (Awarded in 2007)

JENNIFER RUNKE, "Towards an Adequate Theory of Scientific Metaphor. …

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