Academic journal article Afterimage


Academic journal article Afterimage


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Andrew Bush: Drive, by Andrew Bush. Yale University Press/143 pp./$65.00 (hb).

Anish Kapoor: Past, Present, Future, edited by Nicholas Baume. MIT Press/143 pp./$29.95 (hb).

Bonfires, by John Duncan. Belfast Exposed Photography/36 pp./price unavailable (hb).

The Call of Trains: Railroad Photographs by Jim Shaughnessy, text by Jeff Brouws. W.W.Norton & Company/224 pp./$65.00 (hb).

Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange's Photographs and Reports from the Field, by Anne Whiston Spirn. University of Chicago Press/359 pp./$40.00 (hb).

Doubting Vision: Film and the Revelationist Tradition, by Malcolm Turvey. Oxford University Press/149 pp./$29.95 (sb).

Electric Animal: Toward a Rhetoric of Wildlife, by Akira Mizuta Lippit. University of Minnesota Press/286 pp./$25.00 (sb).

The Eternal Light of Egypt: A Photographic Journey, by Sarite Sanders. Thames and Hudson/219 pp./$50.00 (hb).

Fields of Vision: The Photographs of Ben Shahn, introduction by Timothy Egan. Library of Congress/50 pp./$12.95 (sb).

Fields of Vision: The Photographs of Marion Post Wolcott, introduction by Francine Prose. Library of Congress/50 pp./$12.95 (sb).

Fields of Vision: The Photographs of Russell Lee, introduction by Nicholas Lemann. Library of Congress/50 pp./$12.95 (sb).

First Person Jewish, by Alisa S. Lebow. University of Minnesota Press/203 pp./$22.50 (sb).

Georgia O'Keeffe and the Camera: The Art of Identity, by Susan Danly. Yale University Press/122 pp./$45.00 (hb).

The Hasselblad Award 2007, by Nan Goldin. D.A.P./175 pp./$45.00 (hb).

Images of A Girl, Images of a Woman: Rita Hammond, American Photographer, edited by Gina Murtagh. Syracuse University Press/48 pp./$19.95 (hb).

Josef Sudek: The Window of My Studio. by Torst. D.A.P./87 pp./$60.00 (hb).

Krazy! The Delirious World of Anime+Comisc+Video Games+Art, edited by Bruce Grenville. University of California press/275 pp./$34.95 (sb).

Michael Itkoff: Street Portraits, by Michael Itkoff. Charta/63 pp./$27.95 (sb).

Maggots in My Sweet Potatoes: Women Doing Times, by Susan Madden Lankford. Human Exposure Publishing/281 pp. …

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