Street Play 1:10 Minutes

Article excerpt

Musicians - one flute, one harmonica, walking side-by-side and playing different songs, the flute something Renaissance-like and polyphonic, the harmonica something more like jazz or German atonal. They proceed to where a small group is gathered, stop at the periphery, and cease playing.

Group - half a dozen or so, one in a camel hair coat, very burly. They are watching Doliner's overcoat (with or without Doliner lui-meme in it) ask a young man for his wallet. (The overcoat is very long and blue, something of a cross between an old Navy coat - which it is - and an old-fashioned New York's finest coat.) The coat pushes a young man against a wall before asking for a wallet. The man goes through the wallet with great deliberateness. "Where is the card?" he asks, pushing the young man (who makes a slow and feeble attempt to get away) against the wall again.

There has to be a getaway car parked about 25 feet away, which now pulls up in front of the group. The doors swing open, front and rear. It decidedly should be a 4-door car. Doliner's overcoat starts to take the young man to the car, saying (perhaps) "No card." The burly man in the camel hair coat abruptly and violently shoves the young man into the car. In fact, rather than shoving the young man, the man in the camel hair coat should give the young man a fairly violent chop in the back, as he is bent over getting into the car. …


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