Academic journal article Journal of Pan African Studies

Announcements: October 2008-August 2009

Academic journal article Journal of Pan African Studies

Announcements: October 2008-August 2009

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October 9-10, 2008

"Brand Aid", a workshop will be held at the "Africa on the Move" conference October 9-10, 2008 at the University of Copenhagen via the Institute of Anthropology, Centre for Health and Community (

"Brand Aid" is about using branded products, commerce, and corporate social responsibility to aid Africa. At the same time, "Brand Aid" refers to the branded ways that international development interventions and aid initiatives are being implemented in Africa, as aid is run increasingly according to the rules of business. As shopping is combined with helping, relations of international aid to Africa are being reconfigured. Cause-related marketing of various products intended to "help Africa" is an increasingly popular way to raise money for international development--buy a RED T-shirt and save women with AIDS. This corporatizes aid relations and legitimizes these limited interventions as a way of marrying ethical consumption with solving African problems. The pivotal role of the consumer distinguishes "Brand Aid" from previous modalities of development assistance. Simultaneously, patients, citizens, clients and beneficiaries become 'customers' of international aid. Presentations are invited that deal with any of the aspects of the interlinked meanings of "brand aid:" in which brands are used to generate money for international development assistance and in which international aid interventions are branded through the corporatization of aid. Workshop will feature presentations from Lisa Ann Richey, Stefano Ponte, Danai Mupotsa, and Cissy Kityo. For more information, contact: +45 46742005 direct +45 46742627 or email Lisa Ann Richey, Ph.D.

October 17-18, 2008

"Vision, Praxis, and Legacy: Cheikh Anta Diop, Molefi Kete Asante and the Afrocentric Project". October 17-18, 2008, The Historic Holiday Inn (Philadelphia, PA). Sponsored by NKH, A Scientific Institute.

Cheikh Anta Diop stated that his work was not only directed toward scientifically reestablishing the place of Ancient Egypt in the orbit of African history and culture, but also toward recovering its rich and varied legacy and using it to advance the horizons of knowledge and history in the interest of African people, humanity and the world. Mreover, he argued for a "return to Egypt in all domains", i.e., the critical engagement with it as a fundamental source of paradigms of excellence, achievement and possibilities in the various disciplines of human knowledge. Indeed, he contends that such a return for critical retrieval and creative reconstruction "is a necessary condition to reconcile African civilizations with human history; to build a modern body of human sciences, nd to renew African culture".

Taking up this multifaceted challenge, Molefi Asante advanced the theory and methodology of Afrocentricity as the fundamental way to address the projects posed by Diop and the critical issues of our times. To practically engage and expand Diop's initiative and the Afrocentric project, Asante and several colleagues founded the Cheikh Anta Diop Conference in 1988. This year's meeting marks the 20th anniversary of the Conference and its annual gathering together Afrocentric scholars from around the world to advance the field of Africana Studies, strengthen and expand our scholarly community, and address the critical issues confronting African people, humanity and the world.

The conference theme allows for papers and panels on varied aspects of African life, culture, history, thought and practice within an Afrocentric framework. Submissions are encouraged that address intellectual and social problematics, and historical and current issues. Preference will be given to session proposals and papers that address the Conference theme of addressing the work of Diop and Asante, although submissions of panel proposals and papers which address other topics will be considered also. …

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