Academic journal article Journal of Pan African Studies

Overcoming Conflicts in Africa: Impact on World Peace

Academic journal article Journal of Pan African Studies

Overcoming Conflicts in Africa: Impact on World Peace

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Salim Ahmed Salim is President of the Julius K. Nyerere Foundation. He studied at Lumumba College in Zanzibar, pursued undergraduate studies (1965-1968) at St. Stephen's College of the University of Delhi (India), and in 1975 obtained a masters degree in International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York. He holds seven honorary doctorates, a Doctor of Laws from the University of Philippines at Los Banos (1980), a Doctor of Humanities from the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria (1983), a Doctor of Civil Law from the University of Mauritius (1991), a Doctor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Khartoum, Sudan (1995), a Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations from the University of Bologna, Italy (1996), a Doctor of Laws from the University of Cape Town, South Africa (1998), and a Doctor of Laws from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (2003). And notwithstanding, his other notable honors and decorations include: The Star of Africa (Liberia, 1980), The Order of the United Republic of Tanzania--Nishani Ya Jamhuri Ya Muungano Wa Tanzania, 1985, The Order of Mille Collines (Rwanda, 1993), Grande Croix de l'Ordre Congolais du Devouement (Republic of Congo, 1994), Grand Officier de l'Ordre du Merite (Central African Republic, 1994), The Medal of Africa (Libya, 9.9.99), Grand Officier de l'Ordre National du Lion (Senegal, 2000), The Order of the Two Niles (Sudan, 2001), Ordre El-Athir (Algeria, 2001), Ordre du Mono (Togo, 2001), The Commandant de l'Ordre National (Mali, 2001), and the Order of the Supreme Companions of Oliver R. Tambo -Gold (South Africa, 2004).

The Honorable Salim Ahmed Salim has severed as Chief Editor of a Zanzibar daily paper, Deputy Chief Representative of the Zanzibar Office based in Havana, Cuba 1961-1962, Secretary General of the All-Zanzibar Journalists Organization 1963-1964, Tanzania Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt 1964-1965, Tanzanian High Commissioner to India 1965-1968, Tanzania Ambassador to the People's Republic of China 1969-1970, Tanzania Ambassador to the United Nations 1970-1980, Tanzania Ambassador to Cuba 1970-1980 (served while at the UN), Tanzanian High Commissioner to Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago 1970-1980 (served while at the UN), Minister for Foreign Affairs 1980-1984, Prime Minister of Tanzania 1984-1985, Deputy Prime Minister of Tanzania 1986-1989, Minister for Defense and National Service 1986-1989, Secretary-General of the Organization of African Unity 1989-2001, and the African Union Special Envoy on the Darfur Conflict 2004-2008.

The following is the keynote address of The Honorable Salim Ahmed Salim, presented at the 2008 Global Peace Leadership Summit sponsored by The African Diaspora Foundation, held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), September 26 at the Tom Bradely International Hall.

Chairperson, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is indeed an honour for me to join you this morning. I wish to convey sincere gratitude to the leadership of the African Diaspora Foundation for the gracious invitation, and for giving me the opportunity of addressing this forum. I pay tribute to the founders of this initiative which in itself underscores a profound sense of identity as Africans, and people of African descent; and an affirmation of responsibility and commitment as world citizens.

The identity of 'Diaspora' is not simply a sociological category of people who have left or forced of their homeland and spread across the world. In its deeper sense, of which I strongly discern in this African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) initiative, it is a quest to forge a unity among a people by linking their shared past, their present and their common destiny. It is an endeavour to galvanize a collective being beyond space, across time and horizon in order to empower and transform. …

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