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Theofany: Heart

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Theofany: Heart

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the hands turn blue the knife black

no mordant no escape mars is an exaggeration

deviant light it is not the hue of her lips

which exclaims rather the torn remnant

of a red flag poppy or rose

inevitably the mind bleeds coals slacken

and the snake is fully cooked neither hissing

nor rarefied alchemy bronze into vulgar

red-blindness causes the miracle

of wounds a parasite infests

the gory cross ants are exciting

his ears with silence

both walls are glowing a red moon indicates

one's proximity to sulphur arsenic

or shame anger results from the consumption

of bloodwort in playing cards

the red suit is best utilized in the construction of roofs

whereas lava is excellent as a method for their conflagration

gills are engorged with blood to enable

the capture of oxygen it is impossible to determine

the age of scarlet lichen bonfires are adequate

for the reduction of armor to liquid

expulsions of demons occasionally hummingbirds

are found in the stomachs of horses

the beech maple and red cedar

are ciphers for "articulate flame"

a red fog is not the same

as a red wind neither is cumin the same

as menses depending upon the landscape

of expression ochre can function as rouge

russet slugs are prescribed for disorders

of the chest gold for dysfunctions

of the voice dawn and sunset

are habitually confused bloodmeal is externalized

bloodsausage assimilated the harvest routinely consists

of cherries and coral beads his self-immolation

is described as a red exaggeration

wine is preferable to blood for quenching

only precise thirsts spiraling to the ground

the feathers of a red parrot and a red woodpecker

are identical in speed unconsciously kilns

are utilized as lamps sexual passion

is often described as a fire whereas ribbons

while there ubiquitous seem effeminate for battle

red magnetism describes the process by which the fluid

in the world is drawn toward the north

which is why the world is experientially flat

Phillip Foss's most recent book is Courtesan of Seizure (Light and Dust Books, -1993); his Chromatic Defacement is scheduled for publication by Chax Press in 1997. …

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