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EbD[TM] Master Workshops. The EbD[TM] Curriculum Specialists met December 5-7, 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland, to prepare for the upcoming ITEA meeting in Louisville and to work on finalizing the Master Workshops for EbD[TM] Program courses, including the EbD[TM]-NASA units. These Master Workshops will become available to states for Summer 2009. For more information, contact or 703-860-2100.

EbD[TM] Online Assessment Continued Development. The EbD[TM] team convened a meeting of assessment writers to work toward finalizing the online assessment for two courses, Technological Systems and Advanced Design Applications. These online assessments will be available to the EbD[TM] Network schools for Spring 2009. For more information, contact or 703-860-2100.

EbD[TM] Welcomes Virginia! The EbD[TM] team would like to welcome Virginia as the newest official member of the Consortium of States. As a full member, Virginia receives access to the complete EbD[TM] program, including courses, professional development opportunities, involvement in strategic planning, access to the EbD[TM] Network via eTIDEonline[TM], access to the online assessments by EbD[TM] Network schools, and much more. Congratulations, Virginia, for making this commitment to moving your teachers and students forward as competitive STEM scholars for the twenty-first century. …


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