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20 Years of Policy Review

Academic journal article Policy Review

20 Years of Policy Review

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Williams on Minimum Wage

The racial effect of the minimum wage law would exist in the absence of racial preferences on the behalf of employers. The minimum wage law gives firms effective economic incentive to seek to hire only the most productive employees which means that firms are less willing to hire and/or train the least productive employees, which includes teenagers and particularly minority teenagers. But holding all else constant, such as worker productivity, the minimum wage law gives firms incentive to indulge whatever racial preferences that they may hold. The reason is that the minimum wage law prevents the worker or job-seeker from offering a compensating difference.

--Walter E. Williams, "Government Sanctioned Restraints That Reduce Economic Opportunities for Minorities" (Fall 1977)

Friedman on Taxes

By concentrating on the wrong thing, the deficit, instead of the right things, total government spending, fiscal conservatives have been the unwitting hand- maidens of the big spenders. The typical historical process is that the spenders put through laws which increase government spending and say, "My God, that's terrible; we have got to do something about that deficit." So they cooperate with the big spenders in getting taxes imposed. As soon as the new taxes are imposed and passed, the big spenders are off again, and then there is another burst in government spending and another deficit.

--Milton Friedman, "The Limitations of Tax Limitation" (Summer 1978)

Schlafly on the ERA

Just as the identical reinforcement clauses of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments have transferred from the states to the federal govern- ment the enforcement and pre-emption power over the subject matter of Section 1 of those amendments, Section 2 of the federal ERA would likewise transfer from the states to the federal government the enforcement and preemption power over the subject matter of Section 1 of ERA, namely, all state laws that have traditionally made distinctions based on sex. This would include laws govern- ing marriage, divorce, child custody, family property, inheritance, widow's privileges, homosexual activity, abortion, prison regulations, insurance rates, and private schools.

--Phyllis Schlafly, "The Effect of Equal Rights Amendments in State Constitu- tions" (Summer 1979)

Gilder on Welfare

In the welfare culture, money becomes not something earned by men through hard work, but a right conferred on women by the state. Protest and complaint replace diligence and discipline as the sources of pay. Boys grow up seeking support from women, while they find manhood in the macho circles of the street and the bar, or in the irresponsible fathering of random progeny.

--George Gilder, "The Coming Welfare Crisis" (Winter 1980)

Sowell on Poverty

We should distinguish the poor, as we conceive of them, from the poor as they appear in our statistics and in our laws. With a sufficiently narrow defini- tion of income, the statistical "poor" might include, for example, a Kennedy or a Rockefeller who happened not to be working this year. (One of the advantages of having wealth is that you do not have to work, or work as hard, or seek out jobs that pay you the highest income.) Students who graduate by the millions each June only earn half as much that year as they would normally earn. Therefore, their income may fall into the poverty level, even though they are not poor in any meaningful sense.

--Thomas Sowell, "Thoughts and Details on Poverty" (Summer 1981)

Privatizing the Environment

Why do people litter public parks and streets, but not their own yards? Why do cattle and sheep ranchers overgraze the public grazing lands, but maintain lush pastures on their own property? Why are the national forests so carelessly logged and overharvested, while private forests are carefully managed, cut on a sustained-yield basis, and reforested with "super trees" grown on costly nursery tree farms? …

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