Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Ecumenical Resources

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Studium Filosofia (Buenos Aires)

Claude Geffre, "El desafio del pluralismo religioso y del indiferentismo para el servicio teologico de las Instituciones Catolicos." Vol. 3, No. 5 (2000), 3-32.


Theologisch-Praktische Quartalschrift (Linz)

Bernhard Lang, "Dialog uber den Dekalog: Menschliche Schuld und gottliche Strafe nach Auffassung der Zehn Gebote." Vol. 155, No. 4 (2007), 339-345.

Zeitschrift fur Katholische Theologie (Innsbruck)

Lothar Lies, "Die sakramentale Struktur der Offenbarung in okumenischer Auslegung." Vol. 129, No. 3-4 (2007), 423-436.


Collationes (Brussels)

The following articles appear in Vol. 37, No. 2 (2007):

Geert Morlion, "Veertig jaar vormingswerk in kerkverband: de historiek van het christelijk vormingswerk in de Vlaamse Kerk--Ontstaan, groei en uitdagingen," pp. 119-132.

Lieve Van Hoofstadt, "Het Centrum voor Christelijk Vormingswerk: ruim 30 jaar sociaal-cultureel vormingswerk in de Vlaamse kerkgemeenschap," pp. 133-141.

Irenikon (Chevetogne)

The following articles appear in Vol. 80, Nos. 2-3 (2007):

Jared Wicks, "Questions et reponses au sujet des nouvelles Reponses de la Congregation pour la Doctrine de la Foi," pp. 294-316.

Thaddee Barnas, "Le Rassemblement de Sibiu: Echos d'un evenement oecumenique," pp. 317-342.

Louvain Studies (Louvain)

Gabriel Flynn, "Incarnation, Ecumenism, and Ecclesiology in the Thought of Cardinal Yves Congar and Bishop B. C. Butler." Vol. 31, No. 3-4 (Fall-Winter, 2006), 196-213.


Revista Eclesiastica Brasileira (Petropolis, RJ)

Afonso Maria Ligorio Soares, "Dialogo na escola de Francois de L'Espinay: catolicismo e tradicoes africanas." No. 267 (July, 2007), 593-608.


Ecumenism (Montreal)

The following articles appear in Vol. 42, No. 165 (March, 2007):

Karen Hamilton, "The Canadian Forces Chaplaincy--Ecumenical and Interfaith," pp. 3-4.

S. K. Moore and Suleyman Demiray, "The Canadian Forces Chaplain Branch: Modeling Interfaith Cooperation and Pluralism in Afghanistan," pp. 5-8.

L. A. Dawson, "Hospitality: A Vehicle for Inter-Faith Exchange," pp. 9-11.

Neil Parker, "Hope, Terrorism, and the Ethics of Response: An Opportunity for the Ecumenical Church Community," pp. 12-14.

Yvon Pichette, "Military Ethics and the Role of the Military Chaplain in an Ecumenical Environment," pp. 15-18.

Catherine Morrison, "A Dream of Who We Should Be," pp. 19-21.

Guy Chapdelaine, "Interreligious Prayer in a Military Context: A Canadian Praxis," pp. 22-26.

Steve K. Moore, "Chaplains Plant Seeds of Reconciliation," pp. 27-28.

Steve K. Moore, "Military Chaplains Seek to Bridge Conflict," pp. 28-29.

A special issue on "The Winnipeg Theological Cooperative: 20 Years of Adventure--The Evolution of an Idea in Ecumenical Theological Formation" (Vol. 42, No. 166 [June, 2007]) includes the following articles:

Jane Barter Moulaison, "Unity, Diversity, and Truth-Telling: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Ecumenical Theological Education," pp. 5-10.

Ray Harris, "Ecumenical Theological Education: Indwelling the Traditions," pp. 11-14.

Thomas D'Sa and Louise Graves, "Theological Education in the Ecumenical Global Context," pp. 15-19.

Spencer Estabrooks, "An Orthodox Reflection on a Journey in Cooperative Theological Education," pp. 20-23.

Valerie V. Bannert, "Another World Is on Her Way: Ecumenical Encounter," pp. 24-28.

Christopher Hrynkow, "Symbiotic Strength: The Value of an Ecological Metaphor for Ecumenical Theological Education," pp. 29-32.

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd, "Hope Rising from the Ashes," pp. 33-34.

A special issue on "Holocaust Memoirs of John XXIII" (Vol. …

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