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Plan for Pond 4

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Plan for Pond 4

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Beneath the sky is a good location. What's the weather like? I imagine this house or reeds. I imagined it this way and you could as well. I wish you a happy birthday. Isn't there anything to drink here then? This is where I would dream of living = I dream of living here.

Sardines. A nude recumbent on the sardine tin. A crocked flagstone outside among the reeds. A fragrant fire and the window in the wall. Window of silence and window of noise. View from the Le Corbusier door.

Water is needed, also shade and some of those tiny yellow fish that hide among the stones. What's happened to my first grammar book? An elementary bit of water. This book has disappeared; this is unbelievable. Someone might have taken it inadvertently.

The objects in us are the words. The chickens have a red... Their... is pointed. They give...and...(eggs, crest, feathers, beak). If Maya agrees, we will move this...of gorse. Then we will dig.

These sentences are motheaten. I is in the present. Put those verbs into the past. You is also in the present. Echo. He and she are in the past or in the future, even if the verb is in the present. Read, spell, copy the following words: a tress, a caress. I'm pressed. This girl resembles you. The locksmith has been told to look at the lock.

The willow often grows near water. Laure will cook us a tete de veau. Claude has erased the blackboard. The hawthorn, a haunch of mutton, a serious error, you go to the left. The mug was full. Know how to read, desire to write. I might see you tonight all right. …

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